Tuesday, September 22, 2009

No Political Correctness Here!


In an age of "tip-toeing through the tulips" it is quite refreshing to hear someone say what he means. It is like a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale world. Few people these days feel free to really say what they mean. They are muzzled like some mad dog or feel restrained for fear of offending someone in a world where every word seems to echo like the whispers in some giant canyon. Time and time again when someone dares to cross the line of "political correctness" they are quickly admonished by the "pc" police. Recently, Joe Wilson dared to shout out what he perceived to be the truth when he yelled out "you lie", he was abruptly reigned in and scolded by his peers who hide behind the wall of political correctness. Sadly, truth is the biggest victim here. Our political leaders hide behind this invisible screen and seldom venture out. For most this provides a cloak to hide their real feelings, their real attitudes and their real agendas. Because its in this atmosphere they can appear to be all things to all people and hopefully maintain their coveted positions in the halls of power where they are showered with accolades and honors. Honors they do NOT deserve for in being less than honest they are cheating the people who elected them. These leaders are NOT leaders, but rather puppets and the grand puppet master is POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.

An illegal alien in Polk County Florida who got pulled over in a routine traffic stop ended up 'executing' the deputy who stopped him..
The deputy was shot eight times, including once behind his right ear at close range. Another deputy was wounded and a police dog killed. A state wide manhunt ensued.

The murderer was found hiding in a wooded area and as soon as he took a shot at the SWAT team, officers opened fire on him.

They hit the guy 68 times.

Naturally, the liberal media went nuts and asked why they had to shoot the poor undocumented immigrant 68 times.

Sheriff Grady Judd told the Orlando Sentinel:
"Because that's all the ammunition we had."

Now, is that just about the all-time greatest answer or what!

The Coroner also reported that the illegal alien died of natural causes.

When asked by a reporter how that could be since there were 68 bullet wounds in his body, he simply replied "when you are shot 68 times you are naturally gonna die.
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