Friday, September 4, 2009

Red Finger of Courage

Things have taken a turn for the worst at the health care rallies---from finger pointing to finger biting. The below report is an account of a man losing his finger via an unidentified finger snapper. Will things deteriorate from this point and what will be next, maybe ears and noses. The victim in this case is OK and has appeared on FOX News seemingly none the worse following the ordeal. Unfortunately the finger could not be re-attached, however the bright spot in this regrettable incident is that this man can point to his missing finger for years to come and recall his part in the epic struggle over socialized health care. This war injury could very well become his "Red Finger of Courage". The image used in this post has no relationship to the unfortunate victim, and any similarities are purely coincidental. At the time of this posting the perpetrator of this unspeakable crime still remains unidentified and the search is continuing for the man law enforcement officials have dubbed the "Hillcrest Snapper".

Man's Finger Bitten Off at Health Care Rally Video
THOUSAND OAKS -- A 65-year-old man had his finger bitten off Wednesday evening at a health care rally in Thousand Oaks, according to the Ventura County Sheriff's Department.

Sheriff's investigators were called to Hillcrest and Lynn Road at 7:26 p.m.

About 100 protesters sponsored by were having a rally supporting health care reform.

A group of anti-health care reform protesters formed across the street.

The finger-biting incident occurred after a member of the group protesting health care reform, William Rice, 65, of Newbury Park, became involved in a heated discussion with a member of Code Pink, sheriff ’read more.....


Mr Pink Eyes said...

And the healthcare reform protesters are the ones being portrayed as the "angry mob?"

Debbie said...

Of course the MSM initially erroneously reported that it was an Obama supporter whose finger was bitten off by a person against the health care bill.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

Ron Russell said...

We all know who are the real goons are here Mr Pink Eyes.

Ron Russell said...

Yes Debbie and the MSM will give little notice to that commie, Van Jones falling by the wayside. Their are many more "Van Jones" in the Obama administration and if you scratch Obama you will find another---birds of a feather.

Teresa said...

Mr. Pink Eyes,
Isn't that ridiculous? They're calling the protesters the mob, when the people who have committed the violence are the pro-health care people. The man has made a great scarifice standing up for freedom against this power hungry health care bill.

hbl said...

Yeah, well. When the weight of the facts are against you, just bite them.

Anna said...

Your blog contain a many useful information. Thanks!

Ron Russell said...

Yep, hbl biting the hand that feeds you is often done by fools.