Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Young American Left

Lucy The Lefty

Was watching Sean Hannity this past Friday night as he interviewed two girls who had taken part in the recent violent G20 protest in Pittsburgh. These two students both from a nearby university, where one was a graduate student in a doctoral program, were asked why they were participating in the demonstrations where some violent incidents have occurred and what their view on that was. Both indicated they did not take part in the violence, but at the same time refused to condemn it. This was to be expected. Then Hannity went on to question the two about capitalism and both quickly condemned it and went on to call for a re-distribution of wealth. This apparently is their real goal. They basically say that 200 very wealthy people in the world control 99% of the wealth and that if that wealth was taken from them by taxation and re-distributed that each person in the world would have an additional $40,000 dollars. I've tried to see how they came up with that figure but I'm lost. But the girls believed that to be a fact and something that would solve many of the problems faced by the poor throughout the world. Hell, lets say these two are correct about the $40,000. So let us take that money and re-distribute it(that is after all Obama's philosophy). Now what happens? First, did we create any more wealth(that is, real wealth--food, clothing or shelter) the answer is quickly obvious to any thinking person. We only moved dollars from a small group of people to a much larger group of people---that's all! Can I take the $40,000 and go out and buy more food---only for a moment, whats for sell will quickly vanish. Can I buy a new car, better run to the car lot---they will all be gone in about 5 minutes, assuming there are any salesmen there---they are all out buying what they can at the quickly emptying store shelves. Who will pick the next vegetables for the dinner table, not the migrant workers for they will be basking in their new found wealth---the $40,000 they were given. Damn no one's working, no one's producing and the bosses could care less---the more they make the more the government takes. I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Sadly these two girls on Hannity's show did not and they are both in graduate school at one of our great universities the future leaders of our country, the hope of the next generation---oops!!! So here my friends you have the youthful Obama voters, here you have our finest, here you have the enlightened youth, they are no longer the "Pepsi Generation" but rather the new hip multitasker's who can "flip you off and chew gum at the same time!!!
by Ron Russell


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