Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Twilight Zone of the Trolls

I suppose we've all had our run ins with these seemingly harmless little pesty critters from time to time. And some of us eagerly await the next visit so we can blast them with both barrels while others curse and condemn the often vile acts of these unwanted visitors. But most of us just swat the little buggers away as we would a fly at the picnic table and think little about it, because to us they are no more than that lowly insect. But I must tell you we are wrong, we are very wrong to dismiss these trolls, these visitors from another planet. For most of us live in a world of moral clarity, we live in a world of right and wrong, in a world of defined borders. In short, we have values and principals and we have found our way in a world of lost souls. These intruders however have no such values and for them right and wrong, good and evil does not exit. Theirs is a world of grays with no black and white and no absolutes, with no beginning and no end. And when they come into our world, into our pool of clarity they will always cloud the water, sometimes ever so slightly and at other times they will muddy our crystal pool. Yes, we swat them away and pat ourselves on the back for the quickness in which we've dispatched them. But for them, they will leave satisfied and set their sites on their next victim. So do what you will next time you get a visit from these unwelcome intruders, these visitors from another land but always remember their goal is to muddy your pool and the longer they stay the less clear things become and an unseen seed may have been planted in your backyard. As for your visitor he feels no pain for he feeds on your well aimed volleys because he lives in the murky "Twilight Zone of the Trolls" and he wants your company for he has no friends.
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