Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The “changes” being wrought by President Barack Obama will have a profound effect on the nation’s future.

Barack Obama campaigned for the presidency on the central theme of “change.” American voters bought into his message, but now, after some 15 months in office, Obama’s “change” has turned into more of a revolution.

It’s a revolution that is indeed changing America and will affect citizens for years to come. He is doing this with acts of executive privilege, suspending or changing rules of legislation in Congress and adding controls and regulations. He is taking control of private businesses and calling for legislation on energy, automobiles and many other facets of daily life in America. Our foreign policy is being changed. He and his congressional cronies have jammed through legislation calling for massive debt. They are telling businesses what they must pay their employees; they are forcing banks to accept federal bailout money, then telling them how to run their banks.

The “changes” go on and on, and Obama makes it clear he is just starting.

How long will the public allow Obama and his congressional henchmen to take away freedoms and exert greater control over America? At first, many of his defenders tried to soft-pedal his “changes,” but now, even some of his most ardent supporters are starting to urge him to slow down, with some saying they intend to start voting against some of his efforts.

Granted, there are those on Wall Street and elsewhere who have abused their positions and privileges, and, in some cases, they should be punished. But Obama’s manner of punishment is far too broad and deep, “punishing” millions who had nothing to do with the excesses and bad practices of a few.

What is to limit the president and his government from taking control of any business in the country if he judges it is too large to fail?

If he and the government have the power to take over a particular business, what is to keep him from taking over businesses and/or telling all kinds of businesses what they can pay employees? How about telling Americans how to set their thermostats or what color of car they can buy?

It’s reaching a dangerous stage that will change America for decades, in domestic matters as well as in America’s position and stature abroad.

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Snarky Basterd said...

How long will we let this crap go on? Until November. Until then, hopefully the Republicans can hold some of it at bay. I won't count on it, though.

hbl said...

Do not be content with wailing and gnashing of teeth. Write to your Congressman! Now!

Mr Pink Eyes said...

I am with Snarky, hopefully November will deal a harsh blow to Barack Obama's radical agenda. This will be our last chance to stop him before it is too late. Many of us tried to warn the American people about this guy but nobody listened, hopefully they are listening now!

MK said...

To be accurate, the change that zero campaigned on is not the change he is bringing. Nowhere during the campaign did he say he would socialize healthcare, he never said he'd force people to buy things they didn't want to.

He never said he was going to make people pay for abortions they didn't believe in, he never said he was going to apologize to the world for America.

He never said he was going to plunge America further into debt, he never said he would expose military secrets.

To put it bluntly, he lied through his teeth through the campaign.

PatriotUSA said...

To put it bluntly, he lied through his teeth through the campaign.

Indeed! The mullah in the White
House has brough devastation like
this country has not seen before.
It is now heaped upon the backs
of our children and beyond. I
am praying,, not hoping that the
herds of sheep in this country
that put this American hating
traitor into the the office of
POTUS will, in November castrate
his power. That said, I think
this thief and liar will stoop to
doing whatever he has to do to
keep forcing his NWO upon the USA.

Many of us did try to warn those
around us about this snake. Are
they listening now? We are running
out of time to find out. I fear
many are deaf, dumb and blind.


Ron, being has never been such a blessing. People my age will have to deal with what he is doing for decades. At times I wish I could go back to my childhood. Reagan was President, and you never had to worry about the direction of our country.

The truth is even with victories in November and 2012, a lot of the damage has already been done. It may take 30 years to fix this mess.