Sunday, May 2, 2010


Although one may laugh at this sign and at the lady carrying it, it is no joking matter. Many Democratic voters in the large urban area will do anything to tip the election in favor of their candidate. Voting more than once and stuffing ballot boxes has long been a common practice in big city politics and often tips the state wide elections in favor of the Democratic Party. This is an ugly truth, and a truth know to both sides. Another sad thing about such voters is that many are on the public dole and have little to do but sit around and figure out how to beat the system. Most are unwilling to fend for themselves and depend entirely on the working tax-payers to pick up the tab for what has become a way of life for them and their children. These people are born of LBJ's Great Society and succeeding administrations of Democratic politicians have kept giving the hand outs that have done nothing but keep these poor fools as wards of the state. The so-called "Free Lunch" has become a way of life with many and most will never know anything else as long as politicians cater to these fools and toss them a few crumbs for their votes on election day.
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