Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Recently came across this great post over at The Astute Blogger. Its an easy short worthwhile read and I recommend it. Below is the link and a comment I made on the post.

I suppose to many in the Islamic world NYC is the symbol of America and its that symbol they are attacking and will continue to attack as long as radical Islam exist. I suspect that will be for a very long time unless the city falls under their influence some day. Yes, that's a terrible thought. It does seem at times that we are in a tug-a-war with Islam, one that we are not trying to win, but simply holding what we have. If that continues in the end we will surely lose and Islam will prevail. I pray to be wrong on this, but at this point that's how I see the conflict playing out! I fear one day we must nuke them or bow to them like our timid leader already does.


MK said...

Whatever it is that motivates them, the only thing you can do it fight them at every turn. Either that or allow your leader to make you surrender.

Debbie said...

New York is like the cherry on the top of any other sites Muslims want to attack, it is 'the' main target.

It turns out the Time Square bomber was not a TEA party participant, it was .... wait for it .... a MUSLIM from Pakistan.

Right Truth

WomanHonorThyself said...

we all know exactly who and why RON..and with one of them in the may just be a matter of time..sigh

drjim said...

I'm still surprised they haven't tried anything here in Los Angeles.

Matt said...

With the Islamic world so close to having nuclear weapons, the prospect of a nuclear exchange far closer to reality than anyone wants to acknowledge. The question is; will our political leaders have the will to face the threat, or will they just keep bowing?

I fear for Israel, and then us. Israel will be the first target. We can rest assured that they'll retaliate.

christian soldier said...

it is time to elect leaders like Jefferson-who sent the first Marines to the Barbary coast (on the shores of Tripoli)and Madison-who finished that job-no more paying 'tribute':