Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Beware the Hillary "Blob" is coming

Despite ominous warnings many continue to go about their care-free daily lives completely unaware of the onrushing danger presented by a creature with an insatiable hunger for power.  Just as the alien entity from the 1958 movie starring Steve McQueen grew from a tiny microscopic cell, that hitched a ride to earth on a meteor and grew by enveloping all it came in contact with, the "Hillary Blob" of 2016 is growing at an alarming rate.  Fed by the media, a media that unbeknown  to them will also be devoured, once other food sources exhausted.  The blob is coming once again, but not to a theater near you, but to your home.  And unbelievably many have thrown out the welcome mat for this alien invader.   
Beware the Blob

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