Monday, October 17, 2016

Hillary Clinton guilty of Inappropriate Groping

A simple pat on the butt has been deemed inappropriate in today's gender free society.  That mindset however, seems to be a contradiction when one stops to analyze.  It wasn't all that long ago that the harmless pat on the rear by a person of the opposite sex was excepted behavior in some circles.  But now, despite the cry for gender free restrooms by many of the progressive persuasion, those same people are suddenly outraged when a man dares to pinch or touch a member of the opposite sex.  Of course, same sex actions are not only permitted, but encouraged.  Trump has been accused of unwanted groping and been soundly condemned by those in the elite media.  But when it comes to Hillary groping your butt just to pick your pocket that is fine----after all one is sexually motivated while the other is done in the name and under the grand banner of "WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION", of course Barack Obama prefers to call it "Re-distributive Change".  He does have a way with words.  
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