Friday, October 14, 2016

Women line up at DNC to accuse Trump of Groping

A long line of Hillary Clinton supporters recently appeared at DNC headquarters in NYC to accuse Donald Trump of groping them.  Reportedly the line stretched around the block, leading one reporter to comment "Donald really gets around"!  However, it was noted in the statements given to Hillary Campaign workers that many of the alleged victims were assaulted on the same evening in different cities hundreds of miles apart.  Clinton staffers when confronted with this information were quick to point out that Donald had a plane.  Of course this is just a made up story, but then who is to say theirs is true.


Kid said...

clinton killed Chris Stevens and 3 other Americans(2 of them SEALS), but Trump touched a woman - maybe.

Sandee said...

Wiki Leaks came out with their plan to destroy Trump with this kind of allegations way back when they were doing dirty tricks on Sanders. They will spot at nothing to get that cow elected.

Have a fabulous day. ☺