Saturday, October 1, 2016

President Obama looks down his nose at his Kenyan Cousins

When one stops to think about it, no one really knows why Barack choose not to live in the land of his father.  After all, he did have the means to return to his roots.  Strangely enough many blacks in this country have the economic means to move to what used to be called the Dark Continent, but only a handful have dared make that voyage.  Is there some deep-seeded belief among blacks in this country that in many ways they are superior to their distant cousins who live in the land of the Rhino and Lion.  Funny, over the years this observer has noticed that for some inexplicable reason those people of color who live in the city look down on their country cousins.  Actually that bias bleeds over to white city folks who see those who live pass the city limits sign  as dumb hillbillies in the sticks.  Obama will soon be leaving office (thank God for his tender mercy) and he will select his new home.  A home where he will spent his final days.  An almost sure bet is that it won't be in Africa.  In fact, I seriously doubt if he will even have a summer home where the lions roam.

On a personal note, some may think me a birther for daring to mention Kenya and Obama in the same sentence.  Go ahead, his time in office is coming to an end therefore his place of birth is of little interest to me.  But I do wonder at times would he be able to outrun the Lion and the Rhino of his father's native (boy that word fits) land.  Actually, having lived through all those elections he won, I would love to see him lose just one race (damn another one of those words with duel meanings)!   
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