Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Elections 2009: Beginning of the End

This could very well be the Beginning-of-the-End of what will still be a long three more years of the Obama nightmare. The results are final in VA and NJ and those two states are now in the Republican column with the results in upstate NY still in doubt at this time. The spin by both sides will begin in earnest tomorrow, but tonight one can safely say that something has changed and that many Americans are sick of the way the nation is heading and are ready for a real change. Change not toward some radical form of a big spending government but a change toward smaller government and more fiscal responsibility. These elections today are but a tiny, a first step toward sanity and a step back from the insanity of Barack Obama. This is America and we Americans don't want government handouts, we don't want government telling us what we can and cannot do, we don't want big brother watching every move we make and most of all we don't want Obama's radical agenda imposed on us and our children. In my view, tonight Americans said no to the progressives and set a path back toward national sanity. This is the beginning of the end.
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