Monday, November 16, 2009

Step Aside, I'm Going to the Front of the Line

I recently came across a post at Political Realities entitled "Racism Aside Can We Just Be Civil". The article dealt with line jumping in a store, but the message was a much broader one on civil discourse and urging us to practice more civility toward one another. Of course no one can be against that, we should talk more and I understand where the author is coming from. How many times has someone cut in front of you at the store? Yes its a small thing and one quickly forgotten, but it is symptomatic of something bigger much bigger. Many groups and people in this country feel they are entitled to go to the front of the line, not just at the store, but at the work place and at the admitting offices at our universities, in fact everywhere we turn their are those who feel they are deserving of that spot at the front of the line. And if you don't step aside quietly then you will be shoved aside, by them or by their "Big Brother". So the question is should we be civil about this new discrimination and try to talk rationally to these line jumpers. The problem as I see it, is that for far to long we have remained silent and have only occasionally challenged those who would go to the front of the line. They really feel entitled now and guess what, we are to blame, yes its our fault! The time has finally come to put an end to this sanctioned line jumping, not the petty line-jumping in the store, but the line-jumping promoted and blessed by those on the American left. Frankly the line jumpers must be confronted and challenged and until we learn this, like the school bullies they will continue on their merry way to the Front of the Line!
One additional note the goals of the of author of the above mentioned post are the same as mine. It is only the method I disagree with. Things have gotten out of hand with the forces on the left feeling more emboldened and pushing harder and harder for even more draconian measures to insure their pet groups go to the front of the line and by doing that they are taking more and more rights from many Americans. This struggle against these forces will never be won by polite discourse as things have gone to far and those in power will not be moved by the soft talk of moderate voices. The log jam of political correctness run-a-muck must be blown up! I recall the quote of a great American, "Moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue and extremism in defense of Liberty is no Vice" Barry Goldwater.
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