Saturday, November 7, 2009

Liberals And Islamic Terrorist

Are liberals more tolerant than conservatives on the issue of radical Islam or do they go through life with blinders on when it comes to this issue. Its seems that the recent shootings at Fort Hood have again brought this division between the right and left into focus again with liberals looking for deep psychological explanations and conservatives looking at the radical religious angle. I do have one question, had the shooter in this case been someone in, a not so mainstream, Christian church would the left be so tolerant of that religion and seek to point the finger elsewhere as they have in this case. I feel safe in saying that would not! The left has little tolerance of Christians, but an abundance of tolerance toward other religious groups. Could it possibly be that Christians do not fit in the so-called big tent of the progressive movement while most all other religious groups do.
I can see no other explanation for the willingness of those on the left to accept the acts of radical Islam as being motivated by deep psychological problems and not religious values. When one stops to thinks about it this explains the little support they show for the war in Afghanistan. They seen to see only a few mentally disturbed individuals as the problem there and not some type of religious fanaticism in the general population. This kind of thinking would led me to believe they would prefer a small army of psychiatrists to be deployed instead of our regular armed forces, possibly some like Malix Nadal Hasan who has proven he can relate to their radical values. The big tent politically correct values of the liberals is getting them into trouble, for in trying to be all things to all people they are quickly becoming nothing to most. This is best shown by their weak stance on the Fort Hood shootings.
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