Saturday, July 8, 2017

President Trump orders Comprehensive study of Mexican Prisons

In a ground-breaking humanitarian move, President Trump has established a special committee to provide his administration with a comprehensive study of Mexican prisons.  This is just one part of his illegal alien program.  Apparently the border patrol will no longer immediately return border jumpers to there homeland, but will detain each violator of U.S. law up to one year.  So, in order,  not to upset the life style of these citizens of the world from the south our benevolent President is ordering the Justice Department to direct the Federal Bureau of Prisons to construct some 20 new institutions along the southern border.  These new prisons will be patterned after Mexican institutions with each 100 man cell provided with a 10 gallon, copper coated piss pot.  Additionally each cell will be allotted one bug-infested mattress for every ten inmates.  All of these measures are being provided to ensure a smooth transition for these 'Sons of Montezuma' when they are returned south after being feed, clothed and housed in a manner as to which they have been accustomed to for all their life.   By Ron Russell
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