Monday, July 17, 2017

UNHINGED University of Georgia Student Group Calls For Republicans To Be Beheaded!

How terrible of a person do you have to be to wish someone be beheaded just because they have different views than you? No seriously, is that some sort of mental illness that needs to be medicated? 

The Young Democratic Socialists at University of Georgia are in some seriously hot water after calling for Republicans to be “guillotined” on Twitter. 

Charlie Kirk posted a story on Twitter about a professor who called for House Republicans to me “lined up and shot.” The Young Democratic Socialists retweeted this, calling it “outrageous” and instead proposed their own solution. 

Now for the twist. The University is calling for this matter to be investigated! Not something you would expect to see in an age where rhetoric like this is encouraged on campuses dedicated to “higher education.”   Read more.....

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Sandee said...

Schools are indoctrination places anymore. It's all about learning to be a hateful democrat. They can't see this, but many of us do. You wonder why homeschooling is so popular. Now you know.

Have a fabulous day. ☺