Thursday, July 20, 2017

Why are Democrats so down on their Fellow Travelers in Russia when they have so much in common

Below is a list of slogans of the left.  It is quite surprising just how many would fit in nicely with the goals of those in the Kremlin.

Genders, unite!

Make America small again!

Demand fluidity of all genders!

Support Women Without Borders!

Make LGBT the dominant gender of human species!

World currencies, unite!

Repeal and replace the dollar with the North Korean won!

Demand 150 won per hour minimum wage!

Demand removal of capitalist borders!

Europe and Syria, unite!

Defend North Korean borders from U.S. Imperialism!

North Korea and South Korea, unite under the glorious leadership of Kim Jong-un!

Climatologists, unite!

Take climate controls away from capitalists and hand them back to the people!

Repeal and replace carbon with a different, climate-neutral element!

Nationalize climate! 

Species, unite!

Reparations to all extinct and endangered species, hunted and domesticated animals!

Educators, unite!

Weed out non-conformism in academia!

Denounce and ostracize dissent among the students and faculty!

Journalists, unite!

Build the new Iron Curtain and make Russia pay for it!

Demand complete and unconditional tolerance of these ideas!

All who disagree must be sent to Gulag!

We have always been at war peace war peace war with Russia!
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