Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Super Realistic Sex Robots Are Flooding the Market; This Can Change Everything

And now for something completely and radically different… sex robots. I wrote about this perverse concept about a year ago and evidently the technology behind them has really advanced. Personally, I don’t see these as a boon to mankind. I see them as a sick, twisted development that will allow humans to disconnect even more from other real human beings. Then there’s the ethical aspect here. I’m not a feminist by any means, but this would definitely lead to the demeaning and dehumanization of women as a whole. It’s a logical conclusion. 

I don’t even recognize the world we live in anymore. They are actually setting up cyborg cafes in Europe where these sex-bots attend to the clientele. It’s like a really bad science fiction movie. I’m all for capitalism and technology, but this is just over the line. And here come the bio-ethics monsters, claiming this is good for sexual therapy and will help poor, traumatized people. What it does is it green-lights perversion and discards morality entirely. Ick.   Read more.....


Mike aka Proof said...

Super realistic is right! She won't return my calls and she refuses to make me a sammich!

Kid said...

I have mixed feelings. There is potential to reduce sexual assaults (maybe not as most are not physical but mental) but for adults in adult care, there is a clinical application.

As an aside, if you read the comments on youtube about these things there are lot of guys who are in favor of them because they think women have jumped the shark and are no longer attractive from a psychological viewpoint. (ie, too many bitches who are too hard to get along with in simple terms)

It's coming. No stopping it.