Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Super Realistic Sex Robots Are Flooding the Market; This Can Change Everything

And now for something completely and radically different… sex robots. I wrote about this perverse concept about a year ago and evidently the technology behind them has really advanced. Personally, I don’t see these as a boon to mankind. I see them as a sick, twisted development that will allow humans to disconnect even more from other real human beings. Then there’s the ethical aspect here. I’m not a feminist by any means, but this would definitely lead to the demeaning and dehumanization of women as a whole. It’s a logical conclusion. 

I don’t even recognize the world we live in anymore. They are actually setting up cyborg cafes in Europe where these sex-bots attend to the clientele. It’s like a really bad science fiction movie. I’m all for capitalism and technology, but this is just over the line. And here come the bio-ethics monsters, claiming this is good for sexual therapy and will help poor, traumatized people. What it does is it green-lights perversion and discards morality entirely. Ick.   Read more.....
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