Thursday, October 1, 2009

Alan Grayson and Joe Wilson Both Have a Right to Say What They Think

In this case "what's good for the goose is not good for the gander". Both Joe Wilson and Alan Grayson had the right to speak their minds. Two wrongs will not make a right here and the fact that Joe Wison was punished is regrettable, but this political correctness should not continue. Our representatives must be free to speak their minds on the floor of Congress. Its rare that we find out what they are really thinking with all the political correctness going around and outburst such as Wilson's and Grayson's at least tell us where they are coming from. Any existing rules limited the tone of ones statements in the hall of congress should be suspended. Let the American people here the unvarnished truth without the pretty PC frills.

Republican leaders on Thursday called on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to "rein in" Florida Rep. Alan Grayson after he said Republicans want Americans to "die quickly" if they get sick and compared the health care crisis to a holocaust.

"I think it's time for the Democratic leaders and the speaker of the House herself to rein in the rhetoric that she decried just several weeks ago," House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, said.

"And if he's not going to apologize to the American people and to Republicans as he should, really, that's the Democratic leadership's responsibility to have a conversation with their own member," Boehner added.

Grayson's remarks inflamed an already divisive national debate on health care reform, the rhetoric of which has included Nazi symbols, charges of planned death panels and disruptive protests at town hall meetings hosted by lawmakers.

"We ought to be able to have an honest, calm debate about health care ...without disparaging each other," White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Thursday, commenting on the latest developments.

House Republicans, seeking payback after Democrats succeeded in voting to reprimand South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson last month for shouting "You Life!" at President Obama during his address to Congress, are planning to introduce a resolution of disapproval for Grayson's remarks.

A spokesman for Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga, who prepared the resolution, said he would not introduce it Thursday.

"Mr. Grayson's actions on the floor were an embarrassment to this Congress and warrant an apology both to his colleagues and, more importantly, to the people of his district who he insulted on the House floor," Price's spokesman, Brendan Buck, said in a written statement.

"It is the job of the Speaker to ensure the House runs with proper decorum, and we would hope that she would not tolerate such behavior," he added.
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TexasFred said...

Of course they both have the right, it's the idiots on BOTH sides, and all of their political correctness, and accusations of racism that get in the way...

Ron Russell said...

Truth at times will carry the day, but sadly it ofen loses.

Anonymous said...

Grayson said that Republicans wanted people to die while Joe Wilson only called the President a liar. Apples and oranges.

Ron Russell said...

Anony. Wasn't talking about their comments, but the rules that discourage a free-wheeling exchange!

Mr Pink Eyes said...

The left was so quick to give Wilson a slap on the wrist for his comments but they are quick to defend Grayson for his comments. This says all that we need to know about the left.
All I want is a little consistency, is that too much to ask?

Ron Russell said...

You've got that right Mr Pink Eyes, but I have my doubts that will come anytime soon. Honestly thats not in the playbook of either side.

The Right Look said...

PC! I hate PC!
It's one of the worst things to happen! Worrying that someone will be offended if you say something that hurts their itty bitty feelings!

Can we ever get off the PC train!

One thing I did enjoy though was the look on N-Obama's and libtard Pelosi's face when Wilson told a complete un-PC truth!!!

Pure joy that was!

Joe Wilson is a friggin hero in my book!

Gingrich/Wilson '12!
Well, Gingrich/??? '12 anyway!

God bless America!


PS - Nice work on TOTUS and thanks for the visit Ron!

Ron Russell said...

TRL Nothing like PC, its a way of hiding the truth and avoid the exchanges that often lead to truth.