Saturday, October 17, 2009

Arizona Sheriff Launches Immigration Sweep

Our man in Phoenix, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is definitely the patriot of the week if not the year. Every so often a man rises to face the enemy, not the enemy at the gates, but the enemy from within and this great patriot is Sheriff Joe. He is challenging the might of the federal government which is attemping to reign him in, to stop him from doing his constitutional duty. He is in effect telling Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder and their lord and master, Barack Himself Obama, to take a hike. I wish I could shake the man's hand and personally tell him how much I respect and admire his courage. This guy is truly a man among men. When lesser men all across the country are folding their hands when facing the bluff of "Himself" this man is still standing. Standing for American, standing for the law, standing for the principals of the founders. So I say, three cheers for Sheriff Joe.

This SURPRISE, Arizona — An Arizona sheriff known for cracking down on illegal immigrants launched a sweep in Phoenix on Friday, a half day after officials in Washington limited his powers to make federal immigration arrests.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, whose sweeps have led to allegations of racial profiling, said the rebuff from Washington won't stop him. He said he can still arrest immigrants under a state smuggling law and a federal law that gives all local police agencies more limited power to detain suspected illegal immigrants.

"It doesn't bother me, because we are going to do the same thing," said Arpaio, whose deputies had arrested 16 people by Friday evening on unspecified charges. "I am the elected sheriff. I don't take orders from the federal government."

The officers were participating in a federal program that grants a limited number of local police departments special powers to make immigration arrests and speed up deportation. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement stripped Arpaio of his power to let 100 deputies make federal immigration arrests, but renewed another agreement that allows 60 jail officers to determine the immigration status of people in jail.

The sheriff's sweeps in some heavily Latino areas of metro Phoenix have drawn criticism that Arpaio's deputies racially profile people. Arpaio said people pulled over in the sweeps were approached because deputies had probable cause to believe they had committed crimes and that it was only afterward that deputies found many of them were illegal immigrants.

The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating Arpaio's office over allegations of discrimination and unconstitutional searches and seizures.

"He is doing this to thumb his nose at the Obama administration," said Lydia Guzman, president of the Hispanic civil rights group Somos America. read more from FOX News


Mr Pink Eyes said...

Go Joe! This man is my new hero, he is doing his job while not backing down from the feds. I hope he keeps it up and doesn't back down.
This does show us where the loyalties of this administration are, siding with political correctness by accusing this man of racial profiling instead of siding with the law.

Ron Russell said...

I like this guy---no BS or PC!

Right Truth said...

I really like this man. He has a strong history for being on the right side of things. He could run for political office and win, but why would he want to? He can get more done right where he is.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

Snarky Basterd said...

This guy should have run for higher office. He's awesome. BTW...stop by for some exceptionally nasty stuff today.

Teresa said...

Damn straight, Sheriff Arpaio!!! I hope he continues to give the Obama administration the finger. He is doing his job, and I love the fact he's not stopping. He deserves a medal! He's a great example, and role model for our youth.

TexasFred said...

Racial profiler huh?

Well, it DOES happen on occasion but, how often do you find ILLEGAL white guys in Phoenix?

Just sayin'... Racial profiling does take place regarding things like this. How many of the attackers on 9-11 were WHITE Americans?

Ron Russell said...

Racial profiling is sometimes a means to an end and I have no problem with it. The positive results out weight the negatives in most cases. The profiling issue is one used by the left to gain political support from certain minority groups and its just that simple.

The Right Look said...

More power to Joe even in the face of Fed-zilla!

I watched a show on some channel I cannot remember about two-three years ago I want to say, that showed one of Joe's outdoor camp jails! It was awesome the way he treated the perps.

No TV. No computer. No weights. No nothing but the three hots, if you count bologna sandwiches, and a cot.

They worked out doors if I remember correctly and were treated like perps should be. With dignity, like a human should be, and the courage to let them know just why they are/were there. They were bad boys and they were being punished.

Now, you go Joe and get them illegal aliens off the streets of your town so they don't kill, rape, maim or do mayhem to any innocent.

If you are here illegally, you should be charged with same!

PC must DIE!


Ron Russell said...

Don't you know TRL that jail isn't suppose to be a place of punishment but a place of rehabilation, Ha!!!! That the liberal line.