Friday, October 16, 2009

Obama's New Bill of Rights

The following changes in the Bill of Rights are desired by many American progressives and I suspect desired by Barack Hussein Obama. The Constitution, I believe, means little to this man who seeks to change an America he has little use for and one he wishes to set aside and replace with one that will fit into what he sees as the New World Order. A order that will be geared toward an all powerful state with little regard to the individual and individual rights. This is the vision, the dream, the hope and change American progressives are striving for; and the existing Bill of Rights stands in their path. Below we have a list, a wish list if you like of what they would have the new Bill of Rights to contain. This is not the dream of your fathers, but could very well be the dream of his father.
Amendment I
Pray shall be banned from all public building and public events. All references to God must be removed from public building of any kind and the word "God" shall no longer be used on American currency. Freedom of assemble to express grievances shall be restricted to no more than 10 people unless such groups are assembling under the guidance of labor unions or government worker groups. Freedom of the airways shall be completely regulated by the central government and no anti-government propaganda will be tolerated.

Amendment II
Ownership of all firearms shall be regulated by the federal government or by the existing restrictions found in the United Nations Charter.

Amendment III
The federal government and only the federal government will determine where U.S. Troops can be quartered. Individuals cannot refuse request from the central to quarter troops in their homes.

Amendment IV
The federal government shall have the right to enter and search any home of persons SUSPECTED of conspiring against the central government or any official of that government. Under special circumstances forces from the United Nations can enter private dwellings.

Amendment V
All private property is subject to laws protecting the public good and can be confiscated if deemed to be necessary by the central government. Persons charged with hate crimes or crimes against the state can be deprived of "due process" when such action is deemed to be for the public good and no bail shall be granted.

Amendment VI
Federal jurisdiction can be imposed in all criminal cases with the concurrence of the Attorney General of the United States. An citizen may be detained indefinitely if charged with crimes against the federal government. All citizens of the United States are subject to prosecution in the World Court.

Amendment VII
When rules of common law come into conflict with with the powers granted under recent federal court decisions those decisions will take precedent as will decisions of the World Court.

Amendment VIII
No bail shall be granted to those charged with crimes against the state or crimes against humanity as defined by the World Court.

Amendment IX
Rights not granted in this document are reserved to the federal government and to the United Nations.

Amendment X
Powers not specifically delegated to the individual states are reserved to the federal government or to the United Nations.


The Right Look said...

Very powerful post here Ron!
Well thought out and articulated. And scary as all hell!

I thought the government was supposed to protect us from our enemies. Foreign and domestic. Regulate a few things here and there and pretty much leave us alone to generate all the happiness we can pursue.

Under your posts theoretical direction, (albeit one who's possibilities could become reality if this administration and it's occupants have it's way), it would seem that our government will be the enemy. Now that is a most bizarre thought indeed!

The loons running this admin are looking to f-nuts like Mao, Che and Castro for enlightenment! Can you beat that? I'll bet not!

I found a very interesting piece of video from Beck's show and have posted to my blog for all to see. It's kind of REALLY scary too! (Sorry for the blatant plug) :)

Great stuff! Keep it up!

Go Newt!
God bless America!


Ron Russell said...

Promote your blog anytime you like on mine---I do the same at times when I have something special to say.

Snarky Basterd said...

I couldn't have said it better, Ron. Excellent stuff.

BTW...since you never know what to expect when you pop over to my place, I've dedicated this curve to you today (check out the keywords, too).

Amusing Bunni said...

This was scary to read. But true! Obama has done more to dismantle the Bill of Rights since he became pResident than anyone in history.

Ron Russell said...

The federal courts and now Obama---all chipping away at the Bill of Rights---sad!!!!

Teresa said...

Excellent Post!!

This was scary. Our government seems to be our enemy, and that's scary as all hell. This perversion of our constitution must be stopped! This is tyranny. Our government doesn't want the people to have any rights whatsoever. That's it, I hope our military is willing to defend us against our domestic enemies.

Ron Russell said...

At this time in our history, the worst threat does appear to come from within and sometimes that is the most dangerous.

Matt said...

Well said Ron. The UN crap on human rights is an oxymoron. Basically said that you can do or say whatever the gubbermint says you can.

Surprisingly, or not, some lefties might read this post and think it's a great idea.

Ron Russell said...

You got that right Matt---many lefty's would love the new bill of rights.

Mr Pink Eyes said...

Obama does seem to be moving towards a more UN compliant vision of the United States. Hopefully he will never agree to the World Court but I fear that is coming eventually. Americans are having their rights eroded little by little and Barack Obama looks to be handing the United States' sovereignty to the United Nations slowly but surely.

Dwight A said...

That is SO INCREDIBLY SCARY! Nothing is as scary as the things we make up to be scared of. Pass the flashlight and let me try:

Obama is an undead illegal alien who builds czars out of vampire bat corpses and imbues them with life using spells from Hitler's grimoire!"

Wow! I'm, like, totally freaked out! What game are we going to play next?

Dwight A said...
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Light Up Your Life said...

Ok, I SINCERELY believe that someone needs to be IMPEACHED.

Like yesterday. This is worse than scary. This gives the phrase 'Hell on Earth' an entirely new meaning.

My question now is, "What do we do about it? How do we proceed"?

Ron Russell said...

Hopefully the next election will bring about change---change we can really believe in.