Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Law of Unintended Consequences

I recently read a post at Texas Freds via The Liberty Sphere that brought to mind an earlier post of mind about "Obama's Revolution". So I thought I would re-post this article. I apologize to my readers who may have already read this but I felt it appropriate so that my new readers take a look at it in view of what's happening on the national scene and Obama's march toward what appears to be the destruction of the national economy. I've re-titled this post to reflect what I believe will be something unforeseen by Obama.





Run-a-way inflation will be the catalyst, the

spark, that ignites the great fire that will

sweep across the nation. Attempts will be made

to control it. The now, all powerful central

government, will mandate draconian

measures including wage and price controls.

These and other measures will prove

impudent in face of the onrushing events.

Incidents of discontent will at first be sporadic

but will continue with an almost geometric

growth in there numbers and intensity. Local

authorities will quickly find themselves unable

to maintain order and will call on the state

officials for help. The National Guard will be

sent into those areas most affected by the

ever increasing violence. The large urban

areas will bear the brunt of these quickly

escalating events. The Guard will soon

find itself powerless to control things.

The disturbances will be too numerous and

wide-spread. In desperation, the

President will order regular army units into

the most seriously affected regions. These

measures will meet with success in those

places where large numbers of troops can be

concentrated, however by this time the

violence has spread to the suburbs

and to some rural areas. The situation is

now, OUT-OF-CONTROL! The military leaders

will be the first to recognize this and will take

action against those in power, who they

now hold responsible for the cascading

violence now sweeping the nation.

The revolution is over and a military coup has

installed a new civilian government.

Unchecked this could be Obama's road to


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The Right Look said...

Very interesting scenario indeed.

Although, based on most military personal leaning to the right. Would not this new civilian government be starting off in the "Right" direction.

Not that I really want to see this happen! The lose of life would be staggering to say the least.


Ron Russell said...

Just a story with a happy ending and what would be the end of radical liberalism for some time. The destruction of the American system would eventually lead to far to a far greater loss of life. There is always a price to pay for freedom and many seem to have forgotten.

TexasFred said...

You used my name in a link... You're gonna be called a racist NOW for sure... :)

Ron Russell said...

Nothing new, I was called that long before it became the most popular word in the liberal dictionary.

Anonymous said...

A military coup, don't think that is Obama's playbook.

Ron Russell said...

Anony---I doubt its crossed his mind!!

Snarky Basterd said...

The pitchforks and torches are ready, Ron.

Ron Russell said...

And maybe, just maybe the "Tanks" Dr Dave.

Mr Pink Eyes said...

I love a story with a happy ending!

Ron Russell said...

I know you do Mr Pink Eyes and you've read this one before. You are one of those old readers. Thanks for staying with this old country boy!

Matt said...

We have to remember the other variable in this equation. Obugger wants his "civilian defense force." How much you wanna bet they answer either directly to him, or some well selected lackeys?

Ron Russell said...

Of course you are correct Matt, to many variable here. But keep one thing in mind a Civilian Defense Force made up of untrained young people would be no match for the angry mobs who are starving for food.

Teresa said...

I would really love it if the military turned on Obama and protected us from all the domestic terrorists who surround our tyrannical President.

Ron Russell said...

I can see it now the Commander-in-Chief will become the Commander-in-Chains, Ha!

Grouch said...

This has to happen eventually. Thomas Jefferson predicted and sanctioned this very thing when a gubment becomes corrupt.

Ron Russell said...

It is certainly possible---hyper inflation will drive people up the wall with few options left.