Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Early American Patriots Were Extremists

In recent months the term "right wing extremist" has been used a lot. We hear it coming from Janet Napolitano at DHS and others in the administration. So to settle the issue once and for all I admit to being a right wing extremist. In the American political system there are the right and the left extremes and the vast middle. And in our system, one that has served us well for 200+ years it is the political extremes that have put forth the new ideas and programs. Let me repeat its the extremes on the left and on the right that generate change. The vast middle for the most part go about their lives oblivious to the political events surrounding them and seldom venture into the arena. Yes, on election day some do go to the polls. Some will contend that its this vast silent majority, the great center that determines the outcome of our elections and sets the course of the nation. Nothing, absolutely nothing could be farther from the truth. The American extremes set the agenda it is they who fight to get their message out to those in the middle and which ever in most successful in that effort will carry the day. But always remember the agenda, the message did not come from the middle but from the extremes who drive the political debate. Sadly those in the American center are nothing but pawns to the extremes for those in the middle for the most part think there is little they can do to affect the outcome, and most could care less about the outcome in the great struggles---the masses are like sheep who will follow the Shepperd with the longest staff.
One should never forget that when the American Revolution began there was little support for that effort. The early American patriots were a lonely bunch as were those who supported the Crown. These two extremes of early American found little support from the common man, but as time progressed the center began to move in the direction of the early Patriots and in the end there cause, one of individualism and nationalism carried the day. Our nation is now at another crossroad where the modern day patriots are being challenged by the counter-revolutionary forces of the extreme left. Forces that would overturn the American Revolution and install a new system of collectivism and a new internationalism patterned after the United Nations for these forces on the left despise individualism and nationalism. The struggle has begun, not the struggle between right and left, but the struggle for the minds of those in the middle. One must remember that for the most part those in the center only concern themselves with one thing--a full belly and a roof over their heads. They are in many ways simple people who who love their god and their family, but have little use for politics and leave that to others. Its here that the battle must be won.
So if you are a true American Patriot, an American Patriot like those who stood on the greens at Lexington and Concord, then you my friend are an extremist and in this case a patriotic revolutionary extremism and those on the opposite side are not patriots, far from it, but they are the counter-revolutionary forces who would roll back the gains of our great American Revolution. So when those on the left claim to me as patriotic as the next man, you must stand up and confront them for what they are , the unpatriotic forces of the counter-revolution.


Mr Pink Eyes said...

Very good points!Elections are won by whichever side can influence the most people in the middle to vote for them. I think over the course of years the middle sways back and forth between the two sides, I do think however that if one side appears too extreme that the middle will move toward the other side. I am hoping that is what happens in 2010.
Just for the record, I have a bumper sticker on my truck that says "right wing extremists," above the text is three of the founders.

TexasFred said...

You guys need to weigh in and help BZ out with his Libber troll.. .

Bloviating Zeppelin: Pledge To Support And Defend The US Constitution: Then You're A Suspected Terrorist And A White Supremacist

Ron Russell said...

Its never a case of one side being more extreme than the other, but rather the way that side is presented by those in the media. The media has a far greater impact on our elections than even they like to admit.

LD Jackson said...

Good post, Ron. You are right, some of our citizens are being dragged along for the ride. Some are kicking and screaming and some, not so much. If we continue to kick and scream, maybe we can influence our country away from the far left direction it is headed.

The Right Look said...

I'll tell you what. The middle had to climb out of the wood work to get this termite elected! Wouldn't you say?

I still think the only reason he got elected was because of all those middle of the road, looking for a bandwagon to jump on folks who wanted to be on the side of some sort of history making event!

Dumbest friggin reason to vote in my opinion.

Hope you are feeling better Ron!


Ron Russell said...

Larry some use to refer to the American middle as the "silent majority" and that is a very good description--because they are silent and they are the majority. And TRL, I love that termite phrase. Many voted for Obama just because they thought he was a black man, they are now waking to the reality that he is not a black man, but that other kind of black that is often described in a somewhat more colorful way.

Right Truth said...

You are so right, the majority in the middle are uninformed and uninvolved. They may go vote, but it is an uninformed vote. That is how we end up re-electing the same old politicians year after year.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

Ron Russell said...

I almost hesitate to say this Debbie, but the American middle are like sheep in a herd with the wolves on the left and on the right circling for the kill. Politics are not pretty!

jennystar478 said...

I Just Saw This on CNN.com: Patriots or extremists?

Source: www.cnn.com

CNN's Jim Acosta goes out with the Michigan Militia to get a behind-the-scenes look at their growing movement.

Just wanted to pass this link on.

Thank you for giving access to your postings. I recently read the book, "Bias: a CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News" by Bernard Goldberg. I was having mixed feelings about it because I believed that it could not still be true, being that the book was published in 2003. I believed that the news had "changed". That it really never happened anyore.

I happened to be watching the news this morning and caught this clip on CNN. Later on that night I saw this posting on my Facebook page. I decided to Google "patriots or extremists". About the 5th link down was your blog posting. Thanks.