Sunday, October 4, 2009

Revisionist History: The New Trojan Horse

I experienced the full result of revisionist history this past weekend as my grandson who is now a junior at one of our great universities, rode with me to the once war-torn city of Vicksburg, Mississippi. I has telling him about a recent post of mine about the Kennedy assassination and Lee Harvey Oswald when much to my surprise he stated, "I always thought Oswald was a right winger"! Needless to say, I was shocked and hopefully set him straight on that point. Naturally I asked where he heard such a thing, he stated he couldn't remember he had just always thought that. His mother and father are both staunch conservatives and know the truth about that event and Oswald. That exchange got me to wondering how many other things had he been misinformed about over the years. How much revisionist history had been fed to this young man and to the millions that go though our school systems.

Those on the left have been busy, very busy rewriting our great history to fit their perverted idea of what American has been in an attempt to corrupt the minds of the future generations to insure the America they dream of. And sadly, I must admit that in many cases they have been successful. While Americans slept, the Trojan Horse of revisionism has been brought into our schools, into our homes and into our life's. The great gilded Trojan Horse has been adorned with layers of enlightenment ,modern progressivism, and a shining new truth. But inside this great marvel lies an ugliness, a lie, a deception and a ticking bomb that can if left unchecked can destroy traditional American values.

As I sit writing the final lines of this post I am still stuck by the words of my grandson, "I always thought Oswald was a right winger". This drove the point of what I already knew home, more than any article by a great writer ever could. This was my grandson, and I knew at that moment that his young mind had been filled by the grand lies of "revisionist history".


Right Truth said...

Wow. Sorry to hear that. We have one grandson and have made sure he was in Christian school beginning with kindergarten. We hope that we can continue to keep him in this school through 12th grade. He is in 6th grade now. It's not cheap but we know what he is being taught, who is teaching him, we know the size of the class and parent teacher ratio.

Everything done there, to the best of my knowledge, seems to be accurate teaching, mostly Conservative teachers and coaches, etc. The parents too are mostly Conservatives, Christians, and they are good role models for him.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

Ron Russell said...

You never know where this stuff creeps in Debbie, this young man was home schooled until he started high school. Maybe it was SNL or something like that, after all thats where most young people learn about things of a political nature. They never watch the real news and seldom listen to their teacher in school so who really knows. I do know many history books do not give a accurate account of our history, leaving out many things of important while including much that is wrong or in dispute.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if its the teachers or the text books or both. Something is going on in our schools today. Certainly at the college level.

LD Jackson said...

This is one of many reasons our daughters were homeschooled. I went to college with the intentions of being a history teacher and it riles me when those on the left start rewriting our history books to make our history look different. It takes away part of what it means to be an American.

Ron Russell said...

I taught senior high history for a number of years and I will admit to expressing my views from time to time. Those who claim to be objective about something as subjective as history are lying to themselves. Some of this misinformation comes from this, but vast amounts of the new history are coming from groups who pressure textbook publishers to include passages they want in the new text books. And then there is TV and the left slant on virtually ever show and news cast. Its tough out there Larry

Snarky Basterd said...

Oswald was a commie...Sirhan Sirhan was Palestinian...John Hinkley Jr. was a fruitcake. That's history. Anything else is, more than revisionist history, a bald-face lie.

Snarky Basterd said...

Oh...and Squeaky Fromme was sleeping with Manson. What more do we need to tell our grandchildren about people who shoot at presidents, or people running for president?

Ron Russell said...

You got it Dr Dave! But a lie will circle the earth before the truth gets out of the barn.

Teresa said...

Excellent Post!
Sorry to hear that your grandson shocked you like that. But, its not hard to believe that he was fed that load of grabage throughout his lifetime at any of the schools that he attended. I hope that he learns more of the truth regarding U.S. history. I'm catholic and liberalism has seeped into these schools so far and deep, (even to the ones promoting conservative values) it truly disheartens me. I am glad that you were given the chance to set your grandson straight on Oswald being a left-winger. These liberals like to entice young people by disguising the misconceptions of history as the "truth". Then, they suck them in with teaching them their feel good garbage. The real truth about history must be taught to children in schools. We must stop this revisionist history!

Ron Russell said...

I left wondering what other lies he has been fed. Who can say---guess I'll have go give him a questionaire,Ha!

The Right Look said...

Oh my gosh! I thought the whole world knew of and taught the communist history of Oswald!!??
But, now that I have read your post I can see how the libtards teaching our clean absorbent minds of youth would want to do what they can to move them to agree with their subverted truth! Or maybe he did hear it on a comedy show or something.

I really believe that it is up to parents to ask their children what is being said in the classrooms. To take a look at the text books when they can. Have a seat and check out the shows they are watching!

We were blessed enough to be able to take our kids out of public schools. Partly because we did not agree with what was being taught and partly because of school policy. The "This school is a drug and gun free zone" sign that hangs on the outside of every school building in my state makes me sick to my stomach. I'm ok with the drug part. I don't want drugs anywhere near my kids. But, the gun things makes me wish fedzilla would get outta dodge.

All that sign says to a criminal is that no one will be shooting back should they decide to cause some deadly mayhem in a school.

Where are the brains of the people who make this crap up? Does it make them feel good inside to know they told the bad guys they are not allowed to sell drugs or carry a gun on school grounds? Like the perps are going to listen anyway!

God help us all!

Sorry I got off topic on this one!

Go Newt!
God bless America!


Mr Pink Eyes said...

This is yet another example of the indoctrination that has been happening in the schools for so long. This is more than just revisionist history, that is an outright lie and it is designed to manipulate our children. If we cannot even trust those that are teaching our children who are we supposed to trust? How do we stop this?