Sunday, October 25, 2009

The World Sees A Weak White House

Below is a list of Obama's failures on the world stage this past week. Remember, the Obama who stood before hundreds of thousand of screaming Germans last year and promised a better world, the Obama who on all this trips abroad apologized again and again for all the past wrong of the United States(many of which were only in his mind and the minds of his radical friends), while seldom mentioning all the good works of the U.S. over the many years. All of this, many thought would bring the world to our door and make America once more the envy of the world. Bull crap, none of this happened. As a matter of fact the reverse is occurring and the world sees America as the bully sees the weakling on the beach and is kicking sand in our face. The world may not like a strong American president who asserts American power, but it is certainly no friend of a weak president who goes hat in hand. Welcome to the real world Mr. President, our new "Pussy-in-Chief"! MICHAEL GOODWIN: The World Turns on America and Its Weak White House

The score last week was distressing. America got its butt kicked all over the globe.

The French said no more soldiers for Afghanistan.

The Brits will send only a measly 500.

Pakistan is exploding.

The UN Human Rights Council approved its outrageous report of the Gaza war, accusing Israel of war crimes.

The Russians, after jerking us around on sanctions against Iran, said nyet.

The Chinese didn't bother to jerk us around, saying no without hesitation.

We have only ourselves to blame for much of this mess. President Obama is dithering on our commitment to Afghanistan, we didn't try very hard to protect Israel's right of self-defense at the UN, and our position on Iran remains maddeningly muddled.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton added to the confusion in an interview with ABC News. After saying, "We remain committed to preventing Iran from becoming a nuclear weapons power," she said sanctions would signal "a result of the diplomatic track failing. So we are committed to the diplomatic track."

Clinton, who in last year's campaign promised to "obliterate" Iran if it used nuclear weapons, now says she retains "a small space for doubt" that Iran is actually trying to get nukes. Incredible.

And Neville Chamberlain said Herr Hitler wanted peace. read more from FOX News


Steve Dennis said...
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Steve Dennis said...

What Obama sees as reconciliation for our "wrongs" the rest of the world sees as weak. They are now taking advantage of that weakness. The rest of the world is using Obama as a doormat. They may not like a strong president but they have to respect him. They do not respect Obama and they show us that more and more every day.

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TexasFred said...

Obama makes GWB look like a Rhodes Scholar.

Obama is nothing more than a Chicago political hack and a community organizer, he can't find his ass with BOTH hands and a Garmin GPS.

The world seeing us as weak is a bad thing, and they are correct, we are weak, and will remain weak as long as we have this chicken shit mixed-breed mutt in charge of things.

The only thing that keeps the USA from being taken over is the FACT that we are an ARMED nation, our enemies fear US...

And that Kenyan son of a buck loving bitch wold take the guns away from US if he thought he could..

Right Truth said...

That list is way too short....

We know that Obama has done much more than that and continues on that path with no regard to America's future.

(I think Blogger has been having a problem. I tried earlier to comment here and at several other sites, and there was no comment option. Now it's back.)

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

Ron Russell said...

Barack Himself Obama is a weak, weak pussy with no good plan for American short of a Chicago-style police state with one party in charge---thats all these goons know.