Tuesday, February 23, 2010

45th Thunderbird Division Insignias

As a young boy I lived near Camp Polk, which was located near Leesville, Louisiana where my father worked during the Korean War. At that time the 45th Infantry Division, Thunder bird Division was stationed there prior to deployment to Korea. I collected many military patches in those days, but was most impressed by the 45th's Division patch --- the Thunder bird. Recently I put an image of that patch in my blog's side bar and while looking for that image made a startling discovery.

The first image below is the division patch from 1920-1939. The second from 1939-Present. Read full story here.

45th Infantry Division Patch 1920-1939

45th Infantry Division Patch 1939-Present

The twists and turns of history never cease to amaze me. Could the ancient native American tribes have known that a great symbol of theirs would be stolen by a mad man half a world away and discredited it for eternity!

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