Saturday, February 6, 2010

Political Correctness

Another new word has made it to the top of the "Political Correctness" list. Now "retarded" has join forces with such words as: nigger, fairy, fat, midget, secretary,ugly, white trash, cracker, dyke/dike, garbage man, bum, Merry Christmas and many others. Earlier this week it was Rahm Emanuel that spoke that forbidden word, "retarded" and he is now joined by the Rick Perry campaign's chief consultant who also dared to utter that unspeakable word, "retarded". If this wasn't so serious it would be funny, in fact laughable. The really sad part is that those who utter these words are forced to apologize and recant. This is madness, sheer madness. What ever happened to freedom of speech? This political correctness is slowly chipping away at our freedom of speech one word at a time. Next time someone tells you, "you shouldn't use that word", just tell them to "Get Lost"!

Now just in case you are in to political correctness here are a few words and pharses you should not use along with the correct ones:

Broken Home-Dysfunctional Family
Bum-Homeless Person
Fat-Enlarged Physical condition
Garbage Man-Sanitation Engineer
Housewife-Domestic Engineer
Midget-Vertically Challenged
SecretaryAdministrative Assistant
Ugly-Visually Challenging
White Trash-White Loser
Merry Christmas-Happy Holidays
Cracker-White Southerner
There are many, many more that can be added to this rapidly growing list of forbidden words. Want to add some more!


Ed Wrather said...

I have a son that has Down Syndrome. If you were personally affected by the use of a word you would know why some people are offended. I do believe in free speech, however, some people in places of responsibility ought to control their tongues a little better if they want the votes of some people.

Amusing Bunni said...

Screw the PC speech police. Although I agree you shouldn't knowingly insult someone to their face with some of these words, making us into criminals because we like to talk colorfully is something else.

I am not sticking up for Rahm, because he is a bum and is a public figure and shouldn't go talking arount his OWN people that way. He insulted the poor "challenged" people by comparing them to democrats ;-)

Proof said...

If I may expand upon Amusing Bunni's remarks, Rahm Emanuel is an ugly, foul mouthed, white trash, Obama loving bum.
(Sorry about the "Obama loving"! There may have been ladies present!)

MK said...

I had no idea secretary was banned now, it's not one of my favorites though, fairy and bum are though. :)

PatriotUSA said...

For Environmentaliss:and Hippies:
Tree huggers, tree crawlers,
earth muffins, prairie fairies,
meadow muffins,and timber RETARDS.
Oops, I use the RETARD word again.
I hope Ron does not ban me from here.

I am so sick of this. When
I as a kid gay meany happy.
Now look at what it means!
PCness taken to far is what
this is. One can be colorful,
flavorful with speech and
words and still be sensitive
to people's disabilities. I am
quite disabled myself from spinal
fusions and too many shoulder
surgeries.They are days I look
and walk like Quasimoto or Igor.
It is about knowing when and not
when to use certain words. Our
home is very colorful with a
two teens around.

Great post and will cross
posted to my blog. Thanks Ron!

TexasFred said...

Here's my take on nigger, fairy, fat, midget, secretary, ugly, white trash, cracker, dyke/dike, garbage man, bum, Merry Christmas and any other PC bullshit...

The ones crying the most are quite likely a bunch of RETARDS!

TexasFred said...

But I'd love to have a fat midget as a secretary... As long as she isn't a White Trash dyke... LMAO...

Bushwack said...

The basic thing is "Know your audience. IF you are talking in front of group of gays, try not use the word Faggot..IF you are in front of the nation of islam you probably should use the word "nigger" and if you are on TV and the nation is watching you, don't use the word retarded unless you are talking about your boss...

Why in the hell is "Retarded" a bad word? It means mentally what? retarded is offensive to parents of retarded kids? C'mon man..

Pretty soon you want be able to call liberals liberals, they will have to be known as common sense deficient...

Illegal Immigrants are Undocumented Americans.. WTF?

Snarky Basterd said...

Sorry but I'll continue to use the word "retarded." It's the perfect word to describe Zero.

John Carey said...

PC is another way to distract and change the subject. Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names will never hurt me. God we've become such a sensitive bunch. Good post Ron!

Debbie said...

I suppose Saturday night "Midget Wrestling" would be politically incorrect?

I find it interesting that you can't watch a TV show or movie without gutter language, but say Merry Christmas and you are silenced.

Right Truth


You sound like a typical pigment challenged economically limited southerner. Ever since I was vertically impaired pre-adult, I was taught to not use such hateful words.

Your right retarded is still okay. How else would you describe all this PC crap?

Maggie M. Thornton said...

Gosh, didn't know "cracker" and "white trash" were forbidden. I didn't think anything referring to a White person was sensitive.

No long ago, "retarded" was a medical term used to describe a "condition."

Great graphic, and kudos for coming out and saying this.

David said...

Queer is now heterosexually opposed.

PatriotUSA said...

I just posted a feed at Patriot's Corner about Facebook kicking off several well know counter jihadists groups and individuals. This is censorship, dhimmitude on
Facebook's part and the PC ness of not wanting to do, say ANYTHING that will offend Islam or Muslims.

Would you be so kind as to cross post this on TOTUS to help get the
word out, Here is the link if I did this correctly:

I would really appreciate it. If you know others who care about us counter jihadists, then let her rip. I may be gone from FB too down the road here.

Much thanks and if not, no big deal.

Mr Pink Eyes said...

The term "retarded" was a medical term not all that long ago, but now it has turned into one of those words that are offensive and should never be uttered. People are just too sensitive nowadays, anybody can be offended by anything.
But I do find it telling that a liberal who is supposed to be so caring and sensitive would use a word that he knows is offensive to some. It shows us that liberals really aren't who they pretend to be.

BruHa said...