Thursday, February 4, 2010

Guns and the Lefts Distortions

These Experts Favored Gun Control!
These Experts were against Gun Control
The typical reactions on the left to gun violence is their standard call for more gun controls and their habit of always pointing the finger at the gun and not at the individual responsible for the violence. They also have a way of twisting the events and blaming the right in the country for gun violence.

I remember the day JFK was shot in Dallas. I was attending Northeast Louisiana State in Monroe and staying with my grandmother. My morning classes were over and I was taking a short nap that fateful afternoon. Grandmother came into the room and woke me up and told me to come quick that Kennedy had been shot. Needless to say, I like most Americans was glued to the T.V. for the rest of the day. Only three major news channels in those days---ABC, NBC and CBS. I quickly noticed a developing theme. One of the major news anchors, I don't recall which one, commented that Dallas had been a hot-bed of right wing activity in recent months. The vast Right-Wing-Conspiracy was being developed and the theme spread to all three networks. Everyone, myself included, believed it. Then Oswald was captured and information about him began to come out. Shocker---he was not a reactionary right wing loon, but rather a committed leftest. He had lived in Russia and was a member of a pro-Castro organization called "committee for fair play for Cuba". Suddenly, the vast right-wing conspiracy was gone. But did a left-wing conspiracy take its place--logic would dictate that--no, that did not ever happen. The silence on this was deafening. The national news media had long before that time shown their colors, but to me this was the first time I really took notice of the bias they expressed under the banner of "Objectivity". Finally I saw the truth. And the truth was an ugly reality.

I came across a short article on the Kennedy and that fateful day in Dallas, its basically the reactions of a left leaning newsman recalling the event. Decided to include it in this post:

"It Was Controlled PandemoniumI was on the copy desk, far from any action, but many things are indelible in my memory. We were living in Largo. I was about to leave for my shift, which was afternoon-evening, when a neighbor came running to the door, shouting for us to turn on our television. That’s when I learned he had been shot, but not that he was dead.I had to leave for work and there was no radio in the car. I took East Bay Drive, U.S. 19 and Haines Road to the Allendale area, and then drove through Allendale to Fourth Street. When I reached the corner, I saw a funeral home with its flag flying at half-staff, and I didn’t need a radio. The St. Petersburg Times newsroom was in controlled pandemonium. I don’t recall whether I handled any assassination copy that day; more likely, I was editing state and local news.But I was standing at the teletype when the first flash came in that a suspected Marxist, Lee Harvey Oswald, was being held in connection with the shooting. Times Publisher Nelson Poynter was standing nearby when I announced that. His face fell."Oh, no," he said. "I was hoping it would be a right-winger."In the days that followed, many of us helped ourselves to souvenirs: the half-tone engravings of John Kennedy that had accumulated in the library files. There came a time when we needed to illustrate articles that referred to the time, and we had to have new half-tones made because the ones already made had been so depleted.We were expecting our second child any day. Names had already been chosen, but there was no doubt that should it be a boy, his name would be John. That’s how Daniel became his middle name when he was born a week later."
The key line in Dyckman's statement is "I WAS HOPING IT WOULD BE A RIGHT-WINGER." There was no way to spin this into a right-wing conspiracy because of the over-whelming evidence to the contrary. The left however, did manage to get stronger gun-control laws as a result of the events in Dallas. No more mail-order guns. One last note. I got my first gun a 22 rifle, when I was 11 years old---purchased it through the Sears and Roebuck Catalog. One of the happiest days of my life was when the mail carrier delivered it to the farm.


hbl said...

I was attending UW-Madison at the time. Like you, I was taking a short nap before heading off to the engineering campus for an exam.

It's interesting that the leftist Oswald was spun as a 'loner.' Sound familiar?

Teresa said...

That does sound familiar. The Left seems to distort reality when it serves their political interests.

We must make sure that these commies in the White House don't take away our gun rights.

Debbie said...

Wow, that statement is very telling. It could have been made by any number of 'journalists' today, even Chris Matthews.

The thing about the Left and guns is interesting. They are completely against anyone having guns, unless...

Their life is in danger, then they can't wait to hire armed security and body guards, or even get a gun of their own. Suddenly things change when one's own life is in danger.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Ayrdale said...

I thought the best book I ever read about it was "Legend" which detailed Oswald's time living in Leningrad and his "activist" background in the pro-Castro movement. The passage of time is certainly discrediting the Oliver Stone "wish it were a right winger" scenario. See...

cmblake6 said...

I remember those days. I look back at, for example, the Roosevelt presidencies were the sort that led to the NFA of 1934 sort of activities. Then the demoncraps that led to the GCA 1968. It was their plan from the turn of last century to disarm us, the servant class, in any way possible. No guns? They can do anything to us they wish.

LD Jackson said...

Great article, Ron. I have yet to figure out why the people who are so much in favor of gun control seem to actually believe it will lead to less crime. It just doesn't make sense.

Maggie M. Thornton said...

I didn't realize that the term "right wingers" went back that far. At that time, you know, Dallas was known for cowboys and Bibles. Wasn't at all fashionable. I can easily believe this came out of Washington, D.C.

As Debbie said, gun control is to control the Right, never the Left. Great first graphic.

Mr Pink Eyes said...

The leftists will never actually blame the person who committed the crime, they always portray the criminal as the victim. They always manage to blame crimes on the weapons instead of blaming the people who used the weapons.
And it does seem like the left wing media was in full force even back then, they just assumed that the shooter was a right winger, it turned out he was a commie so they just ignored the facts.

Ron Russell said...

hbl, its seems its always a loner when the attacker is from the left, but if its the other way around then suddenly its a grand conspiracy!

PatriotUSA said...

We have friends who are liberals,
keep them around cause they bring
lots of bee and are easy to upset.
These people hate guns. You are
unable to talk logically to them
about guns because all guns are bad, period. All guns should be
banned except by those who need them to keep control of "things.'
That's a real scary one and does
that sound familiar?

They want to control guns because the one who own guns are the ones who will stand up and fight for
freedom, for this country, to
protect even those who stand in our way by wanting to take away
our weapons. Gun control is not the answer. Less Gov't intrusion
and regulations is what we need.


This is the argument we need to drive home!

The 2nd Amendment is the teeth of the bill of rights. It is what gives power to the people. Once we lose it no other right will be safe.