Monday, February 1, 2010

Without Warning: Super Bowl XLIV Cancelled!

A lone figure strolls casually into Grand Central Station in NYC and proceeds to the public lockers and places a large suitcase in an end locker. Unnoticed, he leaves the building. An hour later the same man enters Union Station and repeats the same act. During the next three days this act is repeated at South Station in Boston, 30th Street Station in Philadelphia, Peach Tree Station in Atlanta and the Miami-Dade Station in Miami.

Upon leaving the Miami station this same man drives a large utility van to the parking area outside of Sun Life Stadium on the day of the Super Bowl and waits nervously for the crowds who are already assembling for the big game---a game that will not be played on this tragic day! Exactly one hour before kickoff time the peace of New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami and the parking area outside Sun Life Stadium is shattered as another day is marked in future history books by an Islamic terrorist who hates America.

The game is cancelled! Obama is shaken! The country is aroused! And for a brief moment the nation stands united! The war has come to Obama. Over five hundred have died. At that same moment another man enters Union Station in Los Angeles carrying a large suitcase.

Fictional yes, but only for the moment. Will such an event happen? Most assuredly! And it will happen again and again as long as we play the game of war. You see the enemy is not playing, for them its not a game but a cause, a deeply held belief that they are good and we are evil and they must rid the world of the great Satan---that's us! How many more Americans must be lost before we unleash the full might of the nation to destroy this enemy? Fanatics can be beaten! Remember the Japanese in WWII those fanatical warriors that would rather die than surrender, remember the Kamikaze (those suicide planes), and remember their sudden defeat in the end, brought about by two great burst of light. A few dozen dead Islamic terrorist on far flung fields will never end this conflict. The point must be driven home with the heat of the sun and leave no doubt of our resolve. Our greatest enemy for the moment are those leaders of ours that are blind to the onrushing threat that is growing throughout the Islamic world.


Debbie said...

That would be a dream come true for the terrorists. Big stadiums have long been on their target list. Let's hope nothing happens.

Right Truth

Dymphna said...

Well, at least those nummies decided maybe NYC wasn't the best place for the KSM circus trial. That would've been *the* perfect opportunity.

Having never seen a Super Bowl game (and never will since we don't have a TV), I've never understood the attraction. I mean, I recognize it's there but I don't get it. Perhaps it's a replacement for the real national bonding that used to take place around holidays like the Fourth of July.

Anything that attracts that amount of money is bound to be corrupt. Unfortunate that they scaled it up so high.

Oh, never mind. Obama will fix it.

The Born Again American said...

Ron again you have managed to scare the "PAJEAZZES" (spell check would help) out of me by stating the obvious...

Good ole Mahmoud Ahmadinejad just announced that a week from this Wednesday on the 11th there would be something marking the anniversery of the Islamic revolution...

Screw what our dipstick leader says, nuke them all...

Nuke, Nuke,
Who's there?

TexasFred said...

A fictional scenario? Yeah, but here's the deal, Obama would NOT be shaken, he would be ecstatic, IN PRIVATE, a Chris Matthews *tingle down the leg* thing, and he'd break his damned neck trying to get to a teleprompter and camera so he could extend a hand in peace as he surrendered this nation..

That part IS NOT FICTION... It is probable supposition!

Snarky Basterd said...

My father always jokes that the easiest way to deal with the terrorist problem is to do just as you suggest; that way we can see the oil.

Even then, I don't think we'll ever stop them. They will never relent until Israel is wiped from the face of the globe, and all of that globe is under Muslim dominion.

davidwwalters said...

Yeah Ron, it would be ashamed to not use all of those perfectly good weapons we possess. Just for shits&giggles, do you have any idea how much it costs to build, outfit, and man a Reagan Class air craft carrier?

Teresa said...

What's the point of possessing such useful weapons such as nukes if we aren't willing to use them? You would think the Act of War on September 11, 2001, that killed 3000 innocent lives would be justification for the use of our nukes on these Muslim Jihadists. Our power is being weakened everyday with Obambi in office.

Ron Russell said...

I don't know the cost David, but I would say a billion plus! Just for the carrier and not the planes. But then it doesn't take a carrier, only a few cruise missiles with proper tips!

PatriotUSA said...

We already have more than
enough weaponry to ensure
all islamic countries are
paved into glass like lots.
It is a shame we have all
these weapons, nukes and
what not just collecting
dust. I am sure we have
many that need 'testing'
just to make sure. What
better targets could you
ask for?

Even if Israel is wiped
out and all of the globe
is under perverted mussie
rule, the killing, rape
and plunder would not
stop. The islamic pigs
would turn on each other
as they have for the last
what, 1400 years. Too bad
they will not just kill each
other off and save us the
trouble. Nuke' em now.

(L) said...


Bro never could spell!

You're scenario is quite plausible!

I say we turn President Tom and all of the 12th Imamers into "Glass"

Lock & Load!!!

Sons & Daughters of Liberty Unite!!!

Mr Pink Eyes said...

We will never unleash the full might of our military as long as Barack Obama is president, not matter what they do to us. Hell, even Bush didn't unleash the military. As long as we continue to fight these politically correct wars, we will never finish off the enemy that wants to finish us off.

John Carey said...

It is a very real scenario that could play out Ron. We live under the illusion that we are safe. The fact is we are just as vulnerable as we were pre 911. Our leadership in Washington continues to call terrorism a manmade disaster.

Bill Smith said...


Maggie M. Thornton said...

I see it also happening at a large or several large shopping malls - probably just after school is out, or on a Saturday about noon while everyone is crowded into the food court.

If airplanes can fly into the Pentagon and the Towers, anything is possible.

Good story! Sad that it will likely happen, as you point out.

The Right Look said...

Obama does not have the balls to do what's needed.

Look what he unleashed today. A 3.8 trillion dollar budget after saying he was going to be a fiscal conservative spender in the State of the Union.

He only knows how to spend. Not to defend.

He's the pathological liar in chief.


Ron Russell said...

That's a good line "spend and not defend"!

christian soldier said...

Great scenario!!
and- though - now it is 'fiction' -it is really the truth waiting to happen >>>

MK said...

"Our greatest enemy for the moment are those leaders of ours that are blind to the onrushing threat that is growing throughout the Islamic world."

Indeed Ron, and all those dumb clowns who support and believe them.