Thursday, February 18, 2010

Arabic Translators May Have Attempted to Poison Troops at Fort Jackson

This is a breaking story with little information available at the moment. It does appear to have been a well kept secret in that the investigation was begun several months ago. For now we know that the Army is investigating complaints that Arabic speaking members of a program called "09 Lima" were attempting to poison food sources at Fort Jackson in South Carolina. "09 Lima" consist of those who use Arabic for their first language.

If this turns out to be true then it seriously brings into question the idea of admitting an Muslims into the United States military. We cannot have our brave fighting men looking over their shoulders while serving here and overseas. They have enough to worry about without this crap!
Army Investigates Alleged Attempt by Soldiers to Poison Food at Fort Jackson

The U.S. Army is investigating allegations that soldiers were attempting to poison the food supply at Fort Jackson in South Carolina.

The ongoing probe began two months ago, Chris Grey, a spokesman for the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division, told Fox News.

The Army is taking the allegations “extremely seriously,” Grey said, but so far, "there is no credible information to support the allegations."

The suspects were part of a Arabic translation program called "09 Lima" and use Arabic as their first language, two sources told Fox News. Another military source said they were Muslim.

Grey would not confirm or deny the sources’ information.

Story at FOX News
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