Saturday, February 13, 2010

What Happens When Russia Controls Space?

Came across this interesting and thought provoking post yesterday at Seaspook and decided to pass it along to my readers. Seaspook as a great insight on things such as this, more than the average man on the street, due to his many years in Naval Intell.

"Never mind that Obama is letting Iran run free with it's nuclear weapon ambitions and may force Israel to ignite WWIII, or that he has filled his administration, including Homeland Security and the Defense Department with Muslims who's first loyalty is with Islam, and then claims that his critics are actually enabling al-Qaeda.

Now he's abandoning America's space program and turning it over to the Russians. Did you ever wonder why when the USSR collapsed and the Russian economy was in the toilet, they still managed to find the resources to keep their space program viable and every other country fighting to get into space? Because space is vital to economic and defense security. Who do you think is now going to have complete control of the so-called 'international space station' that was almost entirely financed and designed by the United States? Who will be able to turn the space station into a weapon against the free world?"

Space Daily:
Russia, which is set to hold a monopoly on flights to the international space station
(ISS), wants to charge more for rides on its Soyuz rocket, the space agency head said Tuesday.

"At a meeting of the space agency chiefs in Tokyo, I want to discuss the maintenance of transport to the station," Roskomos head Anatoly Perminov was quoted by the Interfax news agency as saying.

"We have an agreement until 2012 that Russia will be responsible for this. But after that? Excuse me but the prices should be absolutely different then!"
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