Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Birth Certificate

Much as been said about Obama's birth certificate, or the lack of one. So what's does ones birth certificate state. It varies from state to state, but generally these items are included:

1. Mother's name, including her maiden name.

2. Father's name. This does not insure however that the name listed on the birth certificate, as the father is indeed the biological father. The Natchez Indian tribe had a custom that comes to mind here. When the chief died his eldest son did NOT become chief, none of his sons became chief. Rather, it was the eldest son of the dead chief's oldest sister who assumed that role. The custom may seem somewhat bizarre, but when one looks at the logic behind it the intentions become clear. You see, one could be sure that the mother of a baby is indeed the mother. People are present at the time of birth to bear witness. While the father of a baby, well chances are that only two were there at the time of conception. The mother and the biological father. The ancient Natchez Indians understood this, and also the custom of their women being somewhat loose with their affections led them to adopt this custom. They could always be sure the son of the chief's sister was of royal blood, but they could never be sure the son of the chief was of royal blood. Hence, father's name on birth certificate has some legal meaning, but that's where the truth stops. Of course, we are speaking of Obama's birth here--guess you've figured that out by now. So who is the real father---many have asked, but none will ever know.

3. Place of Birth. My birth certificate states, the town, the state and the address where I was born, as do most. What does Obama's state. Normally, this item is one of lesser importance, but when it comes to the President of the United States the Constitution demands it.

4. Date: the day, the month, the year and the hour of birth. Most all certificates have these items---does Obama's?

5. Doctor's name. The physician who delivered the baby. Does Obama's certificate have this name? If not, why?

6. Baby's, name, sex, race, weight, length, and other vital statistics varying from state to state.

One thing that is not on the certificate but associated with it is this. In large towns and in small towns the local news papers always carry accounts of births and deaths. Was Obama's birth reported in his city's local paper? What is the answer. I've probably left something out and I'm sure someone will point that out.
Read three great satirical post tonight. These are great post.

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Right Truth said...

I've been closely following this birth certificate / certificate of live birth saga...

Something stinks to high heaven. There is more evidence that he was born in Kenya than there is evidence he was born in the US, Hawaii.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth