Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Where is the MSM

Where is the MSM? Again, where the hell is the Main Stream Media!! These news people, and I hesitate to call them that are not missing in action. Yes, we actually know where their physical presence is. We see them everyday, many times a day on our TV's. But where are they? I'll tell you where these weaklings are, the spewers of half-truths and lies. They are in the great towers of Manhattan, in the White House Press room, in the news rooms throughout the nation. They are everywhere and nowhere. They sing, with almost a single voice, like a great choir who has rehearsed for months. They voices are deafening and at the same time silent. There voices are not those of America, but the voices of the elite journalism schools, the voices of a new progressivism, the voices of a great choir in tune with a new administration. They smile and claim objectivity, while all the time sweeping the dirt of a corrupt administration under the carpet. But worse that this is there agenda, they seek to change the America they don't like, and in many cases hate. They agenda in alien to most Americans, but common and loved by those in whose circles they travel. Reality to them is their newsroom and those like-minded colleagues who sit across from them at Starbucks. They know little of America outside of these circles and sadly they don't care. For their agenda is to change not to report. They will manipulate the news, distort the events, report the stories that support their beliefs and yes, their agenda. An agenda that seeks to have Americans of every walk think as they do. For they know, they know they are right and they just have to change the thinking of the rest of us. Theirs is a labor of love, a love of pluralism and a trashing of individualism. A herd mentality exists, with no room for descent or individualism. Love of America is dead, yes dead in today's MSM and the winds of change are blowing and collectivism is raising its ugly head and the reporters and the editors are cheering the vast changes sweeping cross the land. And the corruption and graft, the trashing of constitutional guarantees, are all but ignored by those in the press. For now "the ends justifies the means" is whats important. The role of the MSM has now become one of assuring the ends and the hell with the method.

Where is the MSM! Yes, they are still here, but they have become only voices in a choir. They trumpet change at any cost. They trumpet a new America for they hate the old one.
The real agenda of the MSM is to change and not to report.

by Ron Russell

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Mr Pink Eyes said...

Many people seem to get into journalism because they want to make a difference but that is not what a journalists job is. Instead of reporting the news these people are trying to shape the news to fit an agenda.
I am afraid that too many people blindly follow the MSM and believe every thing tha they are told without question.