Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Progressive Racism: The Return of 40 Acres and a Mule

Progressive racism is being spewed from the university campus, from the halls of congress, from the MSM, from the high schools, and from the many hate sites on the Internet. Sadly it is all done in what many have referred to as a post racial America. Those on the American left cannot afford to let this issue die, they cannot just let it fad away. They have far too much invested in this issue. In the major metropolitan areas without this issue they would lose tens of thousands of voters. Those on the left are race-baiters and play the race card in every debate. Its always there fall back position when they begin to lose their arguments on radical positions they can defend no other way. Many of the white leaders of the so-called progressive movement (I say so-called progressive, because this movement is not new its very old and anything but progressive--it is regressive) have nothing, nothing at all in common with the black masses. They see the black man as a means to an end and will toss him aside when it become expedient. The black vote has always been cheap to buy. Liberal politicians have known this for years. The 40 acres and a mule ruse has evolved over the years to the food stamp, to affirmative action, to free medical care, and of course the all encompassing "free lunch". What has been the cost of all these free hand outs? Little to the politicians (they use others money to foot the bill); but to the black man these give aways have cost him his dignity, and his self-esteem, and to many his political freedom. Many blacks feel an obligation to vote for these unscrupulous political leaders who have promised much, but delivered only misery to the poor black. Keeping the black man down is the goal of many leaders on the left, for its only in keeping them down that they will continue to have their support.

The progressive left finds its support among the poor and those elitist who feel responsible for the economic conditions of poor blacks. Sadly, this assumption by some progressives is correct, in that their policies have led to this situation among the poor blacks. Those well-intended elitist on the left are caught in a vicious cycle from which there is no escape. They offer a hand out, thinking it is a hand up. The reality of their position escapes them. But there is another group on the left, a far more dangerous one. These leaders know the reality of there positions and all they are seeking is power, power at any cost to achieve their ends. Our current president falls into this group. Obama will use what means it takes to increase his power, he will quickly toss aside anyone, any group who stands in his way as evidenced by his abandonment of a life long friend and mentor, the infamous reverend Wright.

Finally, racism does exist and will always exist. Racism is found on the right as well as on the left. The big difference in contemporary America is that many on the left encourage racism and rely on the "race card" to advance their political agenda. They will continue to keep the black man down, not because they feel that's where he belongs; but because is doing so they have created a cause for those naive whites who follow their progressive beliefs. And the poor black, well he will remain a victim. Not a victim of racism from the right (as was the case for many years in the south and throughout the nation); but a victim of a far worse form of racism by those who seem to be offering a hand up, while at the same time keeping the poor black down for political reasons. The present day Democratic party in now the old Republican party of "forty acres and a mule".


Anonymous said...

The left needs racism like the rest of us need water. They simply cannot survive without pointing the finger of race at the right while at the same times, proving themselves to be racist.

Right Truth said...

There is no question, racism is alive and well. The shooting at the Holocaust museum proves it.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth