Sunday, June 21, 2009

Iranian Blogger Links

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Iranian Freedom

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Below are some Iranian links: Rotten Gods Global Voices Ali Abduleman Revolutionary Road


Anonymous said...

What a great opportunity to show the Iranians what kind of people American truly are. We can show them that we are peace loving and only bite, and bite hard, when backed into a corner.

God bless America.

God bless the Iranian freedom fighters.

APN said...

My question is what kind of freedom are they fighting for...It's great to overthrow tyrants, but the more I'm looking at this and the more Iranian blogs I'm looking at the more seems that the protesters are socialists and communists. It's looking like one Totalitarian ideology fighting another totalitarian idoelogy....Socialists trying to overthrow religious tyrants. Sure I'd like to see the tyrants removed from Iran, but what system will they have afterwords....a communist Iran, will that be any better or will it be replacing evil with another evil?