Tuesday, June 2, 2009

U.S. Soldier Killed by Islamic Terrorist on American Soil

by Ron Russell

Recently the killing of Dr Tiller in Kansas sparked outrage in the media and rightly so. It also brought about a swift response from Obama and the DOJ. And federal agents were quickly dispatched to beef up protection around abortion clinics across the United States. Going almost unnoticed was the killing of an American soldier and the wounding of another: Pvt William A. Long ,24, of Conway, killed and unarmed outside a recruiting office in Little Rock, Arkansas; Pvt Quinton Ezeagwula 18, of Jacksonville, Arkansas, unarmed. On this the silence from the Commander-in-chief and the DOJ is deafening. And the response of the MSM is barely noticed. Have any federal agents been sent to protect unarmed military recruiters throughout the United States or are the abortion clinics the only ones worthy of protection. The President is not only MIA on this issue, but as I write this post he is boarding a plane for Saudi Arabia and then to Egypt to give another one of his grand speeches. This is a clear act of Islamic terrorism directed against unarmed American troops on American soil and not an isolated incident as some have claimed. The POTUS is neglecting his duty as commander-in-chief and putting many other recruiters in harms way by not dispatching protection for these brave unarmed recruiters throughout the United States. Potential terrorist now see an opening here and if the President fails to act NOW then any further attacks on military personal at recruiting posts will rest at his door and his door alone. And should be grounds for impeachment and removal from office, with criminal charges to follow. Below is a news article on this terrorist attack, source Nor Cal Blogs

"Muslim Terrorist Kills and Wounds Soldiers on US Soil
by Jack Lee

The FBI has been doing a fabulous job tracking the activities of potential Muslim terrorists that exist within the United States and they've stopped a number of attacks before they could be carried out. However, they can't stop them all, as evidenced by one Abdulhakim Muhammad, age 23, of Little Rock, Ark.

Abdulhakim Muhammad was a simmering time bomb of hate, filled with anti-american, anti-military aggression. This much he has made clear by his own statements and we know he was recently in Yemen where he was using a Somali passport. Muhammad admitted shooting the two young soldiers yesterday for what he believed American soldiers had done to Muslims.

In 2003 a Muslim convert and U.S. soldier,threw grenades into three tents at a 101st Airborne command center in Kuwait, killing one fellow serviceman and wounding 15, three of them seriously. The motive was he didn't want the US military to attack fellow Muslims. Born Mark "Fidel" Kools, Akbar was re-named when his mother remarried and converted to Islam. Just before trial Akbar smuggled a pair of scissors out of a conference room and then asked to use the restroom. When the Officer removed Akbar's restraints he then stabbed the officer in the shoulder and neck with the scissors before being wrestled to the ground by another Officer. This attack was not allowed to be admitted as evidence by the army judge, during sentencing.

Currently at least 22 Muslim paramilitary training compounds exist within the USA that are managed by a radical Pakistani cleric suspected of terrorist activities within Pakistan. The M/O of the organization is to recruit black male converts from within US prisons. Upon release they are given religious and paramilitary training at the Muslim compounds that stretch from coast to coast, two are located in California. The compounds and their so-called religious activities are protected under the Constitution. A number of their members have been returned to prison for parole violations. They remain under close watch."

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Mr Pink Eyes said...

It is sad that the president doesn't even care enough about this to even make a statement, never mind the fact that he won't do anything about it. He must not want to offend Muslims after all, he is on his way over there to kiss their asses. It would be much too inconvenient for him to say something about this terrorist attack.
He is neglecting his duty.

Right Truth said...

Not one word from Barry Soetero on this. Both the Tiller killer and the soldier killer had been watched for approximately a year by the Feds. No they can't stop every attack, but...

We will see more and more of these homegrown jihad incidents I'm afraid.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth