Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tomorrow's News Today - 3

Tomorrow's News Today

This is a story long overdue. Dateline Elpaso, Texas: ground was broke today on a new border security project. This will entail digging a 2000 mile long trench 15 feet deep and 100 feet wide from Brownville, Texas to San Diego, Ca. The dirt from the massive trench will be trucked to New Orleans and used to raise the hundreds of miles of levees surrounding that city. Additionally, once the trench is filled with water as estimated 200,000 alligators will be relocated from Florida (where they have become a nuisance) to the 2,000 mile long moat. This massive project which will solve the border problem, the Florida alligator problem, and the levee problem of New Orleans is the brain child of a young 12 year old girl from Liberty, Mississippi. President Sarah Palin is awarding the young girl "The Presidential Medal of Freedom", the nations highest civilian honor, at a special White House ceremony this coming Monday. The ceremony will be attended by former presidents Bill Clinton, H.W. Bush, and G.W. Bush. Vice President Jeb Bush will also attend the event. Former president Barack H. Obama is currently vacationing in Kenya and will not attend.
by Ron Russell
Some of the ideas for this post came via email with mention of "Maxines" no link available.


Right Truth said...

That's great, wishful thinking on many counts. Can't you see PETA and CODE PINK having a hissy fit over the alligators???

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Left Coast Rebel said...

Wishful thinking indeed, being a resident of San Diego and fan of Palin, I can only hope. Follow my blog! I found you from the Conservative Cloakroom...

Mr Pink Eyes said...

Three problems solved at once, how can you beat that? :)

Left Coast Rebel said...

Thanks for following, hope to see you around.