Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tomorrow's News Today - 4

Tomorrow's News Today

Large numbers of the Revolutionary Guard have been called into Tehran from the rural areas of the country, although information is difficult to confirm at this time reports of sporadic gunfire being heard in various parts of the city are trickling in to our sources on the ground. All social networking sites have now been closed, and a dusk to dawn curfew has been imposed throughout the city. President Obama continues to waffle and will not take a definitive position on the widening protest. World leaders are struggling to deal with the situation, but realizing they have little control over the onrushing events occurring in Persia.

In other news: The proposed Turtle Walk under highway 27 in Florida has been deleted from the stimulus package. It has been determined that a net fence could be constructed for $15,000 as opposed to the original $3,000,000 allocated for the construction of the "Turtle Walk" beneath the road. Die-hard "Turtle Walk" supporters still contend however that the original project would have employed 100 workers whereas the fence project would only employ 10 workers and for a shorter period of time. Mean while the turtles are SLOWLY going about there business oblivious to the outcries from both sides of the debate.

by Ron Russell at TNT


Unknown said...

Enjoyed your article and blog. I wrote a similar article and while the opposition candidate is very similar, this could absolutely be the catalyst for change that the rest of the world is looking for.

Keep up the good work.


Right Truth said...

Obama never misses a chance to give a speech, now that he needs to speak out for the Iranian people, he's silent.

Thanks for the kind words on the Grouch's article. He really needs to write more.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth