Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Ugly American

The Constitution of the United States of American is a short concise document, not restricting the rights of the people, but rather guaranteeing the liberties, the freedoms that are god-given rights. The founders fought and died for these freedoms and were not about to hand them over to some central government. They knew that power rested with the people and not with the government, something that has been cast aside by today's leaders.

Today's politician goes to the Capital with one thing in mind to help those who elected him to office and the general welfare of the public is the farther thing from his mind. He goes into the various congressional committees seeking to advance the causes of those groups who supported him, those groups that gave the most to his campaign. Nowhere on his list is the group that needs his support the most. Those in this group have NO representation No voice in the laws that are proposed and then passed to help us all, to protect us from ourselves. Nowhere is this group heard, while law after law is passed and presented to the public as great achievements. And we are told that our great new leaders, leaders cut from the mold of Jefferson and Washington, have passed laws that will make our lives better. Who is this unimportant group whose voices are not heard, who are pushed aside by those in positions of power, who are these people. Let me tell you!! You are in that group if you are silent, if you fail to speak up for yourself, if you go along with the crowd, if you feel that your opinion doesn't count, you are that lowly thing, that may call himself a citizen, you are that lowly thing that may call yourself a voter. You and you alone are the problem. Not the politicians, not the special interest groups, but you and those like you. You, my friend are the sunshine patriot and the fair weather soldier, you are the one who hangs back while better men step forward and answer the call, the call of a nation dying from within, a nation whose freedoms are being eroded by those whose only motives are greed and power. You are worst that the corrupt, worst than the greedy, because you, yes you know better. You have tasted the freedoms better men have fought and died to pass on to you. You have enjoyed the benefits and pleasures of a free nation. You have taken those freedoms and liberties for granted. And now you sit in silence while the futures of your children, your grand children slip away. You my friend are the "Ugly American".


Right Truth said...

Excellent point. I'm wondering how many bitch and groan, but never bother to send an email, make a phone call, contact their representatives and tell them what they think, or get out there in the neighborhoods and spread information... If we all did these things it might keep them in line. But if we say nothing, we have no right to complain.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Anonymous said...

Amen brother. Too many people are more concerned with who gets voted off American Idol, than what Congress is doing.

Mr Pink Eyes said...

Excellent post! Too many people either just do not care or can't be bothered to let themselves be heard. It is a shame but hopefully more and more people are going to rise up and demand America back.