Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tomorrow's News Today - 1

As I write events are happening all over the nation and the world and as they occur they pass into history. This news of the moment quickly passes into history and its only value is for those who comment on it and those who would learn from it. Nothing can be done about the past, because that is what last hour's news is, the past. So like the weather man I will look at the past only to discern what the future may hold. In other words, "Tomorrow's News Today". Just a brief look over the horizon in hope of seeing history yet unmade. My crystal ball, may at times be clear and other days cloudy. But unlike the carnival fortune teller I will not charge for my glimpse into the future. Events may take time to materialize and predictions may seen at first wrong, but in time events will either validate or disprove such revelations. Finally, a word of caution: the future one sees is always guided by past experiences and basic under-lying values and principles---objectivity is sought, but never achieved and only the fool can claim to have reached such a goal. For a man, is just a man, and not capable of such a thing. Tomorrow's news will be a daily post for a while.

Tomorrow's News Today---Events in Iran will force the Obama Administration to admit that the recent election may have been fraudulent, thereby weakening his hand in dealing with the present government.
No Muslim Uighurs will be sent to the island nation of Palau. Congress will balk at paying $200 million for this.

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Right Truth said...

Glenn Beck was saying something about this, but I didn't hear it all. Each little news even, that is indeed already history, is really only relevant when viewed with the entirety of history. Unfortunately too often we don't look any further than the recent even itself.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth