Saturday, November 21, 2009

Germany Will Oppose Death Penalty In 9/11 Trial

Can you believe this one. Germany is sending observers to the upcoming 9/11 trial in NYC to ensure that none of the evidence it has provided to the United States will be used to seek the death penalty. Several of the 9/11 suicide pilots had lived and gone to school in the German city of Hamburg prior to the attacks of 9/11 and the German government had turned over evidence on those men to the U.S. government. Germany like most European states does not allow the death penalty.

Its one thing for a country to outlaw the death penalty, but another entirely to prevent evidence going to a country that does and allowing mass murderers to go free or get off with a reduced sentence. I wonder how the Germans would feel if the Commerzbank Zentrale building in Hamburg had been reduced to a pile of ashes with thousands of Germans dead. Would they then come to their senses, or has their defeat in WWII left them a bunch of whimpering cry babies afraid to cross the street less they get run over. Something does need to happen to jolt these sniffling pacifist back to reality less the Muslim hordes from the south overrun them and impose Sharia law with all its extreme penalties.

Germany Concerned Its Evidence to Be Used to Back Death Penalty in 9/11 Trial

Justice Ministry spokeswoman Katharina Jahntz on Saturday confirmed a report in Der Spiegel that a German observer would attend the trial to ensure that no evidence provided by Germany would be used to apply the death penalty.

A German government official says the nation will send an observer to the upcoming trial in New York of the professed mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks and four accused henchmen.

Justice Ministry spokeswoman Katharina Jahntz on Saturday confirmed a report in Der Spiegel that a German observer would attend the trial to ensure that no evidence provided by Germany would be used to apply the death penalty.

Three of the four suicide pilots who carried out the attacks had lived and studied in the northern German city of Hamburg. Germany, like the rest of Europe, except for Belarus, does not execute criminals. read more from FOX


The Right Look said...

Ron, should we really care what the German's think? I often say this to myself. Do I really care what the world thinks about America? Should I?

It seems to me that we just need to lead on and ignore the Euro trash aspect of life. Look what it's got them. They are being overrun with PC-ness and it WILL be the end of them.

They need to get their act together before they, or any Euro country for that matter, can even hold a candle to America. Never mind trying to give us advise on how to run our affairs.

The Right Look

Right Truth said...

Tell Germany to shut up. Now the rest of the submissive countries will pipe up with their objects, the Obama administration will submit, because we wouldn't want to look bad in the eyes of the world, now would we.

This makes me so mad.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

LD Jackson said...

With all due respect to Germany, they can go bark up a different tree. It is none of their business if these men are convicted and sentenced to death. and our government should tell them so in no uncertain terms. Considering their past and what happened on 9/11, they have a lot of nerve.

Ron Russell said...

You've got that right LD.

Matt said...

Germany, as is most of Europe, is just about toast. Their populations are becoming increasingly Islamofascist, and in a few decades, they will be part of the Caliphate. Let these "idealistic libs" have the shocked look on their faces when some jihadi is cutting their heads off for refusing to covert.

Unknown said...

I agree with both The Right Look and LD but this is exactly the can of worms that Obama opened up by agreeing to these civilian trials. Who knows where the unintended consequences will lead us. This is just the beginning.

Ron Russell said...

You are right Mr Pink Eyes the law of Unintended Consequences can present many pitfalls and the months ahead will reveal just how many.

MathewK said...

It's a problem you'll find amongst a lot of lefties who oppose the death penalty, they're either so blinded by their ideology or their real reason for opposition to capital punishment is really just watering down all sentences.

Because that's exactly what's happened in countries that are dumb enough to stop hanging scum, out here in Australia if you rape and murder a small child or two, the worst you'll get is 10 or 15 years, at best.

If europe wants to know why it was so easily over-run by the islamists, look at the root of such stupidity.

Unknown said...

How ironic, a nation responsible for one of the worst genocides in history, is lecturing us on human rights. I think they should go at least 100 years without commuting war crimes. Then they can criticize anyone.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

OMG, does the insanity never end?