Friday, November 13, 2009

The Scent of Power

Low of energy today, spent all day yesterday at arts and crafts show so re-posting a golden oldie.
Often we take our small dog with us on trips in the car and like almost all dogs he loves to put his head out the window. Until the other day I had never really thought about why. Why do all dogs like to put their head out nose into the wind. Sometimes at home he will lay in front of the fan, but it seems no big deal to him. Yesterday, I had one of those "light bulb" moments. Its the scents--he's simply flooded with them as the car moves swiftly down the road. Dozens of new smells each and every second as the car speeds along. It must be a super high for an animal with such a sensitive nose. It's probably too much for his little mind to understand--the thousands and thousands of changing scents. Strangely, this got me to thinking about our new president.

The high Obama must be feeling sensing all the reigns of power he now holds. The tens of thousands of people who rely on him directly for their employment, the hundreds of reporters who eagerly await to be called on by this "great" leader, the dozens of CEO's who tremble when their phone rings fearing it could be the White House issuing them a pink slip, the thousands who are eagerly awaiting an audience with "the one", the millions who await his next words coming from their "magic box", and yes even Chris Matthews awaiting that next wonderful tingle. Yes, Obama has his nose out the window and is getting high on the "Scent of Power", and like my little dog he will not tire of it. Someone will have to pull him away because the intoxication is irresistible, and like the dope addict, the fixes will have to get larger and larger to maintain this ecstasy the man is obviously feeling. So Americans get ready to write Obama bigger checks and get ready to give up more personal liberties. This addict needs it, because he has the "Scent of Power".
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The Right Look said...

I wonder if he can smell the fear of lame duck cooking in the kitchen that is America right now?

The Right Look

PS - Showed my wife you comment on my blog last night. She asked what kinds of arts and crafts your are into? Answer privately if that works better for you.


Teresa said...

I think Obama needs to be sent to drug rehab for being higher than a kite. Let's lock him away and throw away the key.

Ron Russell said...

Yes Teresa, that would be great! Just imagine him be led away in cuffs, that would be my greatest high!

Right Truth said...

Power is the thing he loves and he's using it to destroy this nation.

On dogs, (other than political dogs), our sweet Beagle Penelope is the best dog we have ever had, and we've had some wonderful dogs. However, she cannot ride in a car without getting sick. The minute I start the engine, she starts drooling, slobbering, blowing spit bubbles, and then up comes everything in her little stomach. She gets severely motion sick.

So the only place she goes is to the vet when it is absolutely necessary.

Poor sweet thing.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

Anonymous said...


I'd never given much thought to why dogs love to do that, but what you say makes perfect sense - it's sensory overload for them.

And it's a great analogy for Barry. His megalomania is being fed like never before. Problem is that he'll get used to this and crave an ever larger supply to satisfy his power-lust...