Thursday, November 19, 2009

Muslims in Prison

Face of Radical Islam

Our prison systems are a breeding ground for radical Muslim fundamentalist. A fact that few Americans know. Many convert to Islam while in the custody of the state and federal government. The prison systems are set up in such a way, that they actually encourage this by the special privileges they grant to certain religious groups. Many who go into the system for minor offences come out radicalized and present a real threat to society. This was what happened recently in N.Y. Muslim groups in the prisons are highly organized and seek to gain as many converts as possible. Some have good motives, but others just teach hate of the white man and hate of the government of this country, just as Rev. Wright did in his church to the impressionable young man on his front pew. Many young men who enter the system are susceptible to the teachings of confirmed radicals.

And now Obama wants to bring the worst of the worst of at GITMO into our federal system, where they will eventually have contact with young receptive minds, minds that will be open to their radical philosophies. This in not a good idea by any standard.

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Snarky Basterd said...

You presume Obama has ever had a good idea in the first place.

Right Truth said...

Someone was asked about this on TV and their response was, "it's mostly the Muslim Brotherhood", not islamic terrorists who convert in prison. Hey, they are the same, different name...

Obama is getting lots of flack for this decision to bring them here, even Lindsey Graham, king of the RINOS is right on this one.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

The Right Look said...

This problem is only going to get worse. With all the miss-spent youth hitting the prison systems nowadays what else can we expect.

I always wondered why the libtards don't scream and holler about religion in prisons. Are not most of them run by the states or fed-zilla itself?

I thought libtards believed in separation of church and state? ;)

The Right Look

Matt said...

The funny thing is, as soon as anyone tries to do something about it, the ACLU will defend them to the hilt. Ironic, considering they'll be the first to be beheaded under a islamic regime.

BTW, the libtards only scream about Christianity.

MathewK said...

It's yet one more reason why ksm should never have been brought to America and yet one more reason why obama wanted him there.

Teresa said...

As much as I think its a good idea to gain intelligence about future attacks, this problem would have been solved by killing KSM on the battle field.

Ron Russell said...

Yup, he should have been hung with a rope made of pig intestines Teresa. Would have saved us a lot of money and maybe lives of New Yorkers.