Friday, November 20, 2009

Politicians Suck

Are you tired of double-talking, double dealing,lying, sneaky, low-life, scumbag, hypocrite politicians who tell you one thing the day before election and the day after continue on their merry way caring less about what you think and catering only to special interest who fill their campaign coffers from the next election. If you're sick of these douche bags check out the rant of the guy below.


Teresa said...

He's right. Most politicians are low-life scumabags. They're all a bunch of selfish bastages. Fire em next election! Make them find a real job and actually work.

Right Truth said...

Yet they are RICH, many times over. How do they do that on their salary? They don't. Even if you pick good folks locally, seems something happens to them after spending time in Washington.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

The Right Look said...

Damn! I thought I was bad! My wife and I watched a few of these and she said she's happy to have me as her husband again! -lol-

But I will say, the guy is right on with most of it. He just looks like a stroke waiting to happen.
Take a deep breath, through your mouth man!

The Right Look

MathewK said...

Now that's a rant, i feel the same way most days.