Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Obama Ignores Terror Threat At His Own Peril

Sometimes a president does not get to set his own agenda and this fact is hitting Obama head on. Obama and those around him would rather talk about health care and cap and trade, while putting terrorism on the back burner. Why does Obama refuse to step up to the plate on the terrorist issue? What could be his motive for pushing it to the back burner? Is there something that we are missing? Questions need to be asked and answers given and until that time we can only speculate about his reasons.

Does Obama think that Islamic terrorist pose a threat to America? I think not! There is nothing in the history of the man, absolutely nothing to indicate he sees a terrorist threat. In fact when one looks at his history, one could easily conclude that he has a soft spot in his heart for Islam(based on his family background), and one could just as easily conclude that he views terrorist as freedom fighters in an ongoing revolution that will establish a new order. One could go a step further and say that many of Obama's actions or lack of action give aid and comfort to Islamic terrorist. Sure we are engaged in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan against those radicals, but those are conflicts left over by the Bush administration and ones, that Obama dares not abandon, at this time. He will, however cut the funding and cut the troop numbers requested by his generals while giving lip service our military efforts. In conclusion Obama by not giving the terrorist the back of his hand has in effect extended a hand to radical Islam and other enemies of America. They see Obama as weak and indecisive and therefore an America open to attack.

Communism is gone but Islamic radicalism and jihadism are with us. President Obama will have to find an effective way to deal with this new threat or the American people will find someone else who can.

In the wake of “11/5,” the attack at Fort Hood, Barack Obama faces a tough choice--like it or not.

The 44th president must choose to confront an unpleasant reality, head on--or else it will run him over. The issue is the threat of terrorist violence, here on the homefront.

Terrorism, and the debate over how to respond to terrorism, was the defining issue of the 43rd presidency. And now it’s apparent that Obama, too, will spend the bulk of his presidency confronting terror, from Afghanistan to new battlezones, such as central Texas.

Obama and fellow Democrats would rather, of course, talk about health care. But over the next few years, the Fort Hood shooting is going to be a bigger story, since it is connected to our relations, good and bad, with the entire Islamic world, including nuclear Pakistan and almost- nuclear Iran.

For his sake, and for ours, Obama needs to understand that sometimes even presidents don’t get to decide the agenda -- the agenda is decided for him. In such a situation, the question is whether or not the president can adapt to the new era and its new challenges.

So this president needs to launch an aggressive investigation, digging into every aspect of Thursday’s shooting rampage that left 13 dead and dozens injured. How did it happen? Who bears responsibility? And, most importantly, what must we change now? Otherwise, if Obama simply talks about health care and “cap-and-trade” and “don’t ask, don’t tell” and all the other staples of his 2008 agenda, he will be left in the dust by the cyclonic events of 2009 and beyond. And in the wake of the 11/5 shootings, his presidency could be blown away by a whirlwind of damaging leaks, embarrasing reports, and well-justified fears.

Obama will always have his base of support, of course, especially in the media. Taking their cues, as ever, from the siren song of secular liberalism, the Mainstream Media would rather talk about health care, with an occasional digression into gay marriage. As documented by the Media Research Center, MSM reporters are mostly loathe to draw anything outher than politically correct conclusions about the religious and ethnic dimensions of the Fort Hood mass murder. read more from FOX


Unknown said...

I don't think that Obama takes terrorism seriously and I do think that by not calling the Fort Hood massacre what it was he is giving comfort to the enemy. They are not afraid of this man, if he doesn't come down hard on Hasan I wouldn't be surprised to see more of this. Obama better wake up and wake up fast.
I think that you hit on a good point about Obama's background, there are Muslims in his family and perhaps that clouds his judgement.

TexasFred said...

A soft spot in his heart AND his punkin' head...

Right Truth said...

There are many who think Obama is a closet Muslim. Whether he is or not, he certainly is a Muslim sympathizer and useful idiot.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

Ron Russell said...

He may or may not be a Muslim, but one thing for sure he likes them more than Jews and you can count on that. And I will also say he has NO love for the military.

Anonymous said...

I think one of the possible things we may be witnessing with Obama is his "dual nationalities" thus his dual loyalties. It is readily apparent that Obama bears no ill will towards anyone of the Muslim faith and is doing everything he can to show that America is bending over backwards to be a new kind of "Americans."

I have been thinking about his Muslim past a lot lately and if I grew up with his past ties to the religion/politics of Islam, I would not consider what happen in Fort Hood wrong. Especially if I had been repeatedly taught/told that America is bad.

I'm not justifying his stance but unfortunately Americans bear part of the responsibility for Fort Hood because we voted this inept guy in. (I know "we" didn't but a majority of Americans did).

Teresa said...

Obama the commie doesn't give a crap about terrorism. He is a peacenick that thinks he can talk the terrorists down. He is so naive. The man hasn't got a clue about defense of country. Since he has been anti-military and still is today,him being the commander-in-chief is a complete disgrace. You are right. His Muslim heritage does cloud his judgement.

Matt said...

His actions indicate his priorities. Pure and simple. His comments on the Ft. Hood massacre shows his lack of concern. I think he's another naive liberal that will get a ton of people killed for his shortsightedness.

The Right Look said...

If they won't even say the word T-E-R-R-O-R-I-S-T in any of their official communications what does that tell us?

It's morons following the biggest moron!

It's going to take something much bigger than Ft. Hood to wake this clown POTUS up from behind his rose colored glasses.

And let's not forget... 14 people actually died at Ft. Hood. One women was pregnant. God bless them all!

The Right Look

Ron Russell said...

I hadn't heard about the pregnant woman that would make it 14. Obama is worst than the old mule with blinders on, he can't even see whats right in front of him!

Snarky Basterd said...

His naivety act can go on only so long. He's so incompetent he has no idea how to proceed, parallelized with fear of making the wrong political decision.

49erDweet said...

I was hoping you could have substituted the following for your 11/11/2009 programming in Texas.
"First of all, I would like to apologize, as Commander in Chief and on behalf of the entire chain of command, for failing to protect the men who were shot here some days ago. The specific shortcomings which allowed the shooter the opportunity to commit this crime will [be] determined and rectified forthwith. That is the least I can do for those who died. You men and women of the Armed Forces are expected to risk your lives in the service of our country; to overcome your fears, to bear up against hardship and risk your life and limb to protect the nation you serve. No one will accept the excuse ‘I was afraid’ from a soldier, though God knows there will be times when fear will be the natural thing for a man to feel. But in return the senior military and political leadership owe you its own kind of courage. Perhaps not the physical bravery expected of you, but courage nonetheless. The courage never to call you to arms unless national interest absolutely demand it; the fortitude to support you unswervingly until your mission — the mission we gave you — is completed. We owe you that. The leadership owes you the best equipment, the finest intelligence and the most competent leadership. But above all we owe you our loyalty and the assurance that everyone placed above you and alongside you wearing the uniform of the United States is someone you could trust implicitly with your life. Because there would be times when you would have to. And in that duty we have failed. For reasons which brook no excuse, whether from lack of competence or the absence of professional courage, we have allowed a traitor to gain a position of trust in your midst. We gave him high rank. We gave him the prerogatives and honors due to a member of the medical profession and an officer in the Armed Forces. And he used that position to kill the men we are remembering today. We who demand of you the courage to routinely risk your lives in the service of our nation did not ourselves have fortitude to expel a man from the service who by rights should have been gone because we feared criticism. We feared being accused of bigotry. We feared being accused of persecuting a religion. We feared the bad publicity that would come from recognizing the danger signals which have all too tragically culminated in this. It was out of fear that we forbore and men died. Let me repeat my apology. By command responsibility the onus of this falls on my shoulders. And the duty for correcting the defects falls on me as well. Already there are those who say “this was an ordinary crime”; or that we do not know what motivated this killer to commit the crime he did. We must not add dishonesty to dereliction. We know. If we were not men enough to do our duty then, then at least we should do it now. Let me pledge that from this day forward, no officer in the Armed Forces, no member of law enforcement, no man or woman in authority should ever dare ignore a danger to you, my men — for you are my men — out of fear of giving offense. Political correctness should fall distant second to duty, honor and country. I cannot bring back the dead. But I can prevent others from following in their tragic place. Others will eulogize the fallen. They will recall this young life or that promising future cut short on that day. Let others speak of the nobility of those who died on this post. Let others comfort the parents and loved ones of those who will wait at the door for the knock they once heard and hear nevermore. That is not for me to do. Rather let my deeds from this day speak more eloquently than tributes or flowers. Let my determination to prevent this from ever happening again be my peroration and my tribute to the fallen. Gesta, non verba is all the Latin I need to know. Deeds, not words. I will return to my duties and you to yours. God bless you. And God bless the United States of America." From the Belmont Club.

LD Jackson said...

More and more, I am convinced that President Obama, above anything else, is very liberal and very naive. He does not see the world in black and white, but in multiple shades of gray. There seem to be no absolutes for him and that bears true in his actions. Unless he stops being so naive towards the actions of radical Muslims, our country is going to suffer even more.