Saturday, November 21, 2009

Voodoo Health Care

With a crucial vote in the senate coming this evening on Voodoo-health-care, sorry got carried away, Obama-care; thought I would repost an oldie relating to this story.

Sarcoramphus Papa
King Vulture
aka "African Yeswecan Bird"

Polemaetus Bellicosus
Martial Eagle
aka "Bird of Truth"

From deep in the heart of the jungle, near the slopes of Kilimanjaro came the cry of the African Yeswecan bird---freemed, freemed, freemed and the well tanned Witch Doctor of the illusive Libocrat tribe picked up the ringing calls of the Yeswecan bird as the great man strolled past the village elders who were awed by his mere presence and majesty. He had an almost god-like quality and a proud gate in his walk. The elders gathered round him waiting for his thunderous, all knowing words. And as he looked into the tiny pool in the village center he begin to speak, occasionally looking up at the mesmerized crowd who had gathered for his great words of wisdom. Then the words flowed from the magic pool to the mouth of the great Witch Doctor. The words were clear, clear as the sparkling pool from which they came. And all ears were in tune to the sounds of the great one as he echoed the crys of the Yeswecan bird---freemed, freemed, freemed. When nearing the end of his flowing words a mighty Polemaetus Bellicosus (the great bird of truth), was seen circling overhead and the crys of the great bird were heard by the elders---whowillpay, whowillpay, whowillpay. The elders fell silent!!

by Ron Russell


TexasFred said...

Hopefully, the asshats in D.C. read this...

Whowillpay indeed...

Snarky Basterd said...

I love this, Ron. Second read is even better.

@Fred ... Yeah ... and monkeys will fly out of my ass.

Ron Russell said...

From the pool to the tribe and from the teleprompter to the fools. I knew you would get it Snarky Bastard.

Right Truth said...

That's great Ron. Good job. Hopefully this thing will not get passed and we will not have to pay.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Sadly, this story is much too simple and forthright for the D.C. mindset.

Turn it into about 60 volumes of detailed, mind-numbing verbiage and then they'll pay attention.

Teresa said...

That was a great read!!!

Do the asswipes in Washington know how to read? They certainly are unable to read their bills.

MathewK said...

Sarcoramphus Papa.

For a second i thought you managed to get a snap of nancy pelosi before she put her mask on in the morning.

That's some scary shit man.