Sunday, November 15, 2009

Promoting Jihad From Prisons

The below story is about Jihadist being recruited from British prisons, this however is something that is found in our American penal system and is now being high-lighted by the movement of some terrorist to NYC and the proposed plan to move a hundred or more to a prison in Illinois. Just in the past year we had a fatal attack on an American soldier in Little Rock by an individual who was a recent convert to radical Islam while in prison. This is a problem that many know about, but one that most politicians choose to avoid in the name of political correctness. Those who call for GITMO to be shut down because of world opinion may soon have to worry about American opinion if an attack is caused by these terrorist being moved to American prisons. Many on the left worry about world opinion and care little about what most Americans think. Americans do not rely on other nations for our security and never have. We must look to ourselves and not seek the approval of our actions elsewhere. Those who would toss aside traditions and set policies to gain favor from other nations are living in a fools paradise for in the real world each nation must, in the end look to them self for their survival. For in trying to please everyone we please none and fall into our enemies trap of self-destruction.
Some of Britain’s most dangerous Al Qaeda leaders are promoting jihad from inside high-security prisons by smuggling out propaganda for the internet and finding recruits, the Sunday Times reported.

In an authoritative report, Quilliam, a think tank funded by the Home Office, claims “mismanagement” by the Prison Service is helping Al Qaeda gain recruits and risks “strengthening jihadist movements,” according to the paper.

Abu Qatada, described by MI5 as “Osama Bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe,” has published fatwas — religious rulings — on the internet from Long Lartin prison, in Worcestershire, England, calling for holy war and the murder of moderate Muslims, it reveals, the paper reported.

Abu Doha — said to be Al Qaeda’s main recruiter in Europe — has taken courses in Belmarsh prison, south London, enabling him to mentor other inmates.

Abu Hamza, jailed in 2006 for inciting murder, has preached radical sermons to followers using water pipes in his Belmarsh cell, and Rachid Ramda, the Algerian leader of the Paris Métro bomb plot, led Friday prayers in the same jail, the paper reported. Source FOX News


Right Truth said...

We know it goes on here in the US also. Geraldo Rivera (can't stand him) started whining and moaning that it's mostly "Muslim Brotherhood-types" who are recruited in prisons, no big deal.

He's absolutely wrong about that. Sure the Muslim Brotherhood is like a gang in prisons, birds of a feather flocking together for many reasons. The the preaching of radical Islam is also prevalent in jails and prisons. Shame on us for allowing PC to trump sanity and safety.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

Matt said...

Debbie is right. This is a problem, and will only get worse. As time wears on, there will be more and more attacks, and the left with cover for them.

LD Jackson said...

I have a friend who has spent time in a federal prison. It was several years ago and I still remember the stories of how he had to contend with the Muslims who were in prison. It was a very strong brotherhood and they were very pushy with what they believed and how they wanted everyone else to cater to their religious whims.

Teresa said...

This whole thing is so utterly absurd and unreal. These morons running our country don't give a sh*t about honest Americans. They only cover up for dishonest ones and aid others who we at war with us. This administration is such a disgrace and needs to be hogtied and left in the ring with bulls to take care of these pieces of crap.

Geraldo is a freaking idiot. If I only had a brain... That describes Geraldo and the rest of liberals.