Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Clear and Present Danger

The scandal, yes scandal concerning the Christmas day bomber is not the fact he will be tried in a civil court, is not the fact he was able to board the plane it was what happened after he was captured. After less than 50 minutes of questioning the talkative terrorist was read his rights and immediately clammed up. Yes, thanks to Obama and Holder, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab remains silent and American lives my be lost to future Yemeni terrorist he could have warned us about were it not for of Eric Holder and one, Barack Hussein Obama. I must confess that middle name is beginning to carry more weight with each passing incident.

The mirandizing of Abdulmutallab was made without consulting the Sec. of Homeland Security, the Sec. of Defense, the Director of the FBI or the Director of National Intelligence. Who gave the order remains unclear, but those in the know are pointing the finger at Eric Holder and the White House. Holder and Obama are good at goofing up as shown by the recent KSM trial situation in NYC and being forced to retreat only after losing support from some democrats.

The Justice Department and the White House must be held accountable for this failure. A failure that cannot be explained away by the slick talk of BHO and the idiot he has appointed to be Attorney General. The major mistake here is to treat the war on terrorism as a criminal matter. Even a Mississippi redneck knows we are at war with these jihadists, but these stupid Harvard educated fools can't see it until a terrorist walks through their front door with a bomb strapped to his balls and hollows Allah Akbar. These fools are not only weak on terrorism, they themselves are a clear and present danger.


The Born Again American said...

Under the "Patriot Act" should we not be able to wire tap Obama and Holder as they certainly pose as you so adequately called it "A Clear and Present Danger"...

There are very few who are poised to cause more harm to this country than Obama...

Debbie said...

Yet nothing will come of this, Holder is doing Obama's bidding. Obama may not be Muslim but he is certainly a terrorist sympathizer.

Right Truth

The Right Look said...

The first question is how in God's name can you Miranderize a non US citizen is the real question!

What could have Holder been thinking? It is simply not legal in my opinion and should be thrown out and the towel head should be thrown back to the feds for very intense questioning.

The KSM trial has come back to bite them in the ass. Me thinks this will too!


Proof said...

Are you sure that's not a clear and "voting present" danger?

Matt said...

The sad thing is that the next successful attack will likely ruin Obama, and the MSM that will defend him. It's sad because some of us will have to die to prove Obama's folly.

TexasFred said...

Just *more of same* from those half-breed bastards that want to destroy America!

MK said...

When Bush was the president and terrorists did not enjoy the same rights as you folks, countless lives were saved by those policies, numerous plots were thwarted, but few acknowledge that or appreciated it.

Now thanks to your chief scumbag, people are going to die, but thanks to the msm, he won't get much of the blame for it.

"Even a Mississippi redneck knows we are at war with these jihadists, but these stupid Harvard educated fools can't see it until a terrorist walks through their front door with a bomb strapped to his balls and hollows Allah Akbar."

Indeed Ron, and let me assure you, in my experience, education is no sign of wisdom, in fact, the more educated people are the more dumb they are in matters unrelated to their chosen fields.

Ayrdale said...

It is incredible that the rights of all the travelling public are being strangled because customs/immigration are reluctant to "profile" interrogate.

I'm travelling soon to the UK,from NZ, so will get a first hand experience of present day airport security policies, and will be very conscious of young dark skinned males with beards, and also on the lookout for sky marshalls...

Teresa said...

I would love to wiretap Obama and Holder. They are both clearly threats to our Republic. They pose a clear and presnt danger to the United States. I fear that the disastrous decision to stop interrorgating him after 50 minutes will pose a grave threat for our citizens.

Amusing Bunni said...

These two should be charged with complicity in the terror attack (almost attack, but you know). They are really starting to worry me....just whose side are they on, anyway Ron?

John Carey said...

Yep, par for the course for these two characters. Like Scott Brown said, "In dealing with terrorists, our tax dollars should pay for weapons to stop them, not lawyers to defend them." This is just pathetic.

christian soldier said...

our Army Rangers go to jail for defending themselves on the field of battle and terrorists get 'kid glove' treatment---
all of this is getting 'really old'!!

Mr Pink Eyes said...

I had heard that is was Holder that ordered the Christmas day bomber be read his rights. Needless to say, this is totally unacceptable. This man was talking and he was telling us about others who were planning attacks and he was stopped by Holder. It makes you wonder which side this administration is on.


Amazing they can be so passive with this threat, yet play the strongman by sending weapons to Taiwan and beefing up our military presence in the Gulf. A clear indication that they just don't get it.

PatriotUSA said...

Obama was born of a Muslim
father. You can say what
you want but I think he is
about as damn close to a
mussie mohammad sympathizing
jerk as one can get and 'not
be a Muslism.' In Islam the
lineage is passed down through
the father and I might be wrong
here, but don't think so.

We are one disaster away from
the tipping point. The mullah
obamaham is Islam's best friend
and islamic terrorism's best
brother. Disgusting.


Details about this look fishy. They have several witnesses that saw the well dressed man get him on the plane. The witness that originally reported has been told by officials to stop it. They tried to make him look crazy, but, now others are coming forward. This whole thing stinks.