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Came across a great post recently over at A WESTERN HEART , a great Australian blog,  and one with a good understanding of American politics.  Everyone knows just how much we conservatives  love the ACLU and their patriotic activities (my bullsh#t for the day).  The article at A WESTERN HEART concentrates on the love affair between the ACLU and our Illegal Immigrants here in the States and in particular those in the tiny town of Fremont, Nebraska.  Its a great read with salty language and absolutely no PC.  I high recommend this to those friends of Legal Immigration. Just click on this link to go directly to the post and the comments @#$% OFF ACLU SCUM !

@#$% off aclu scum

Posted MathewK on 6/23/2010 07:20:00 AM
Fox News - Voters in the eastern Nebraska city of Fremont on Monday approved a ban on hiring or renting property to illegal immigrants, the latest proposal in a series of immigration regulations taken up by communities around the country. About 57 percent of voters in Fremont supported the proposal, according to unofficial results that still must be certified by the election commissioner. The measure is likely to face a long and costly court battle, with the American Civil Liberties Union saying it will try to block it before it even goes into effect.
Oh yeah, you can always count on the aclu scum to side with non-Americans, ironic isn't it, the American-civil liberties union fighting the liberties of real Americans. One wonders why these cockroaches aren't over in China or Iran carping about effing civil liberties. Oh I forgot, those societies are well and truly @#$%ed, so no work for leftist scum is needed there.

...Communities that have passed such laws have faced costly legal bills and struggled to enforce them because of legal challenges. ...Even before the Fremont measure passed, the ACLU of Nebraska had said it would sue. "Our goal would be to bring an action to ensure that there is not even one day that the law can go into effect," said Amy Miller, legal director for the ACLU of Nebraska.
How about a goal of preventing illegals from murdering your fellow Americans, how about the goal of keeping your fellow Americans in work. It's just unbelievable, these are real Americans who work, pay tax and obey the effing law, but apparently they have no say whatsoever in how their towns are run or where their society is going. Oh no, @#$% their civil liberties, it's some sanctimonious piece of shit sitting far away who gets to decide how their county is run.

I have to ask, who the @#$% is funding the aclu, someone ought to find out as those scumbags are obviously not being taxed enough. Effectively some latte sipping, leftard, piece of shit in San Francisco gets to have a say in the affairs of Fremont, Nebraska and everywhere else. But just someone, anyone from San Francisco try to buy health insurance in Nebraska or any other state and the left will fight tooth and nail to prevent them.

I hate to say it, but you know those illegals who murder, rape and commit various acts of crime. I hope their victims are only scumbags who send money to the aclu and organizations like that. If anyone has earned that fate, it's those bastards, not the poor people who obey the law and do the right thing who fall victims to illegals in some form or other every day.

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