Thursday, June 3, 2010


The situation in the Gulf is growing worse everyday, not just because of the vast amounts of oil spewing into the pristine waters, but because of the actions and in actions of the clueless fool sitting in the White House.  He has now suspended all drilling in the Gulf--shallow and deep water!  This action alone will cost tens of thousands of jobs and will soon be felt by all Americans as the cost of petroleum goes up and up.  Of course, he knows this and he will use this tragedy to advance his so-called green agenda and push even harder for cap and trade in the months to come.  He simply doesn't care how much the average man on the street will suffer as he pushes ahead with his madness. 

Shutting down all drilling because of one tragic event is about the same as grounding all airline traffic because of a single plane crash. Americans can no longer afford this fool and his lunatic policies. Whatever common sense this fool may have once had, has been drained by his grandparents, by Reverend Wright,  by his radical professors, and by all the other idiots he has associated with over the years.  He won the election, but he is a loser and he will take this country under unless the people rise up and finally say ENOUGH!  We will plug the hole in the Gulf, but the hole in Obama's head is a hopeless case!


christian soldier said...

do we have to wait til 2012 or can we impeach bho-bHo-and oust him from office-and not pay one dime of tax payer $$$ for his security afterward...

PatriotUSA said...

You knew this was coming. Here
is some very interesting news I found yesterday. This article has
connections tha go all the way
to Chicago and a company named
NACLO that makes the dispersant
being used in the Gulf. There
are lots of links and some
very familiar names as you read
through this.

The mullah in the White House
will now use any and all means
to force his dirty green agenda
upon us. To ban all drilling is
a fool's rush into hell. But
that is the Muslim POTUS wants
to drag us, not to mention the
poor house.

Trestin Meacham said...

It's time for Biden.

MK said...

If it's any consolation, the more zero keeps going, the more people will be unable to avoid the reality of his stupidity and they'll turn on him, they'll have to.

The same thing is happening here, we have a fool and a weasel of the lowest order running the country, and he started on sky-high opinion polls. Now after one screw-up after another, people are no longer just wondering where the stink is coming from, they're pointing in his direction.